Jul 10

Your Second Life Inside the Browser

Category: Second Life Browser by Stone Culdesac

Not only can you occupy your time reading blogs and news articles, watching videos and listening to music while you are at work, someday you could be in Second Life in Firefox or IE. Well, some people have been already, I couldn’t get it to work for me, most likely because it is being hammered from visitors from sites like this one, go ahead and try it for yourself here, see if you get lucky. Anyway, a student in the UK has written an AJAX application that allows you to login to Second Life, she’s calling it AjaxLife, you can reply to received IM’s, local chat, and teleport around, but you can’t really move around, or buy or transfer anything. But it has great promise.


  • Basic map

  • Teleports
  • Accepting/declining teleport offers
  • Local chat, instant messages (partially - you can’t start them except with online friends)
  • Inventory received notifications
  • Friend on/offline notifications
  • Balance change notifications, etc.
  • It also correctly logs you in and out, and notifies you if you were disconnected for any reason.

Known issues

  • If you’re on the TG and you zoom out too far, the top half gets chopped off.

  • Both grids can see each-other on the map.
  • IE7 refuses to register double clicks on the map, making it impossible to teleport using it. IE6 works fine here.
  • There’s no interface to start IMs implemented, although you can respond to those sent to you.
  • Sometimes SL sends the teleport messages in the wrong order, resulting in the modal teleport wait dialog never leaving.
  • Teleports sometimes complete without notification that they ever started.
  • IE tends to screw up with dragging the map

Source: AjaxLife

Hit her site for the latest attempt, and some screenshots.

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