Jul 16

Terrorists in Second Life?

Category: Poor Journalism by Stone Culdesac

Talk about a bull shit, play for clicks this article is. I just finished reading Internet jihad: A world wide web of terror from the economist because of this article I ran into on filefront.com, Jihadists Invade Second Life. I guess you can see why I found it and started to read it, Jihadists Invade Second Life. What a sensationalistic piece of crap. The original article from the economist says, “Inevitably, experts say, jihadists have also started to create “residents” in the virtual world of Second Life.”

So, the filefront website whips out this bullshit, about terrorists invading Second Life, and all that article says is, “According to the article, terrorists have taken up residence in various internet social sites, including Second Life.” but they come up with this title, Jihadists Invade Second Life.

I’ll let everyone know if I run into any terrorists and you all do the same, otherwise, I believe this is the first and last time I’ll ever visit that website. I mean, is jihadists even a word? My spell checker doesn’t think so.

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