Jul 20

Sleek, Small Footprint SL Client

Category: Second Life Clients, Second Life Viewer by Stone Culdesac

I posted earlier about a student writing an Ajax client for Second Life, Your Second Life Inside the Browser, here is another you can try out, Sleek.

SLeek is an open-source (BSD-style license), relatively lightweight client for Linden Lab’s Second Life virtual world. It allows you to perform basic in-world tasks such as chatting, IM, viewing Inventory, viewing Profiles, and more. It can be useful especially for lower-power computers, or if you only need the basic functionality of SL at the moment.

From the last release:

Updated to latest libsecondlife. Should be more compatible with 1.18. Also, logging into non-LL grids should work now.
Added basic Friends functionality.
Added new settings/preferences system. Not too many options yet, but it works.
Added support for multiple instances. Selecting “SLeek–>New Window” will open a new instance of SLeek.
Several behind-the-scenes changes to accommodate the above.
Snapshots as well as textures can now be previewed in Inventory.
IM timestamps can now be turned on or off.
Interface style can be changed between System style and Office 2003 style.
Possibly other things I forgot (as usual).
Known issues:

People count in region search still always shows zero.
Some things in Inventory have become broken. Namely, the creation of folders/items and some clipboard functionality (cut/copy/paste).
Notecard and script viewing are working. However, they will not save properly. It will *appear* to work, but it actually doesn’t.

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