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Greenies Home Rezzable

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Here is another of the 7 wonders of the Grid, this is for Greenies Home Rezzable 147, 187, 61. Second Life URL.

Welcome to the Greenies Home on the grid.

Wander around, explore…try some wacky games. Join us and Green the Grid!!

@@@@Psst - the Greenies have a little secret. You may stumble into TELEPORTS in the sim - you’ll know them when they appear. Sit on the glowing orb to be transported. If you get stuck finding one though, look under the sink for a glowing light.


You’ll fine the scale of things here somewhat outside your usual SL experience, so you’ll need to set draw distance to a high value (300 meters plus!). To do this:

1) open preferences. ( [Ctrl-P] or “Preferences” under the Edit menu)
2) click on the “graphics” tab on the left of the preferences panel.
3) find the draw distance box and type in a number between 300 and 512 (bigger is better but might be slower on older computers)
4) hit enter or click ok.

If you have a slow computer or connection you might want to set draw distance back down before you leave this sim as it can create lag in busy areas (like malls).


Greenies sim is LARGE and has elements way higher than SL may allow you to fly comfortably (or at all). Eventually most people in SL acquire a flight assistance tool. If you’ve got one you’re set, but if not we’ve made a few for your convenience. Simply click these links to get them into your inventory and wear them. Choose only one type of flight assist at a time though, or you may find yourself “over assisted” and flying uncontrollably.

[insert freebies here]

Alien greenies jetboots (flight assist):

Atomic greenies jetpack (flight assist):

Atomic greenies jetboots (flight assist):

Atomic greenies jetboots (just for looks);

Greenies jethat (just for looks):


If you want to watch the television there’s plenty of room on the big seat to watch with friends. You should have a movie control at the bottom of your screen. If not go to [preferences] > [audio and video] and ensure “play streaming video when available” is selected. Click the movie play button at the bottom of your screen to watch. More episodes (available via TV remote) will be coming online soon.

Do anything EVIL on sim and you will be banned

ENJOY your time at Greenies Home! Come back soon as the sim will be always be changing!

CONTACTS for more information:

General Questions about Sim:
Pavig Lok
Verde Raymaker

Suggestions for Improvements and/or Wacky Ideas:
Pavig Lok
LittleToe Bartlett

Media Requests
RightAsRain Rimbaud

Landing in Greenies

The big room

Big Cat

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