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Tombstone - Broken Rose 19,121,22

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Here is another of the sims nominated for the 7 Wondows of the Grid, Tombstone Where you can roleplay in the Western 1890’s. Second Life URL.

Welcome to Tombstone Arizona - Wild West Roleplay - Set in the period 1897- In the Territory of Arizona-

This SIM is a mature roleplay enviroment BASED on the desert town of Tombstone in Arizona .

It is rated (Mature) because of the Gun system we have here as well as the nature of a rough and tumble Wild West Town location complete with Saloon, Brothel and shadey Characters.

Children Avatars are welcome but no sexual themes tolerated in relation to child AVs.

Please feel welcome to take part in the role play.

We have provided for you clothing FREE at the entrance that you have just arrived in. This is the “Stage Depot” and one of 2 areas that “Gunplay” is not allowed. The 2nd area is the HOTEL. Only clothes and weapons of late 19th Century to be worn. You may choose to outfit yourself in the tradional “cowboy” look, the long modest dress for the ladies, or choose to outfit yourself in traditional Native skins. All are FREE. In town, you may wish to visit the many fine shops to expand your attire.

Fizzworks Gun Shop in Town sells the only available gun system presently valid in Tombstone. Features a draw mode and full HUD for ease of use. Stop in and pick up a FREE HUD. Always where the HUD IF you are planning to take part in combat.
To find Fizzworks look for the sign above shop ‘left’ Side of the street. (It’s also got a gun shop sign.) A Weapons testing range is provided BEHIND the gunshop where you may practice drawing and firing your weapon. RANDOM gunfire in town will result in your arrest and/or deteniton by the Sheriff or one of his men.

Understand that if you are a “fantasy” Avatar, your powers are NOT VALID or welcome here. You are welcome to hide this idenity with the FREE clothing and continue to Role Play as a HUMAN in the “Old Wild West”. We ask that Furrys dress accordingly. Expect to be given the welcome any traveller into a town would recieve.

Modern vehicles and devices are not allowed.

If you are speaking OOC (Out Of Character), please denote so by speaking in brackets. ((such as this)) [[or this]]. This is a role playing SIM, staying in character will help all of us to reap the full benefits as well as denoting OOC chat. Whenever possible, it is considerate to keep OOC chatter to IMs if it is only between two people.

You will find that there are some OOC (out of character) areas in the sim, clearly marked. Kindly follow any instruction that you recieve there mainly: While in an OOC area, DO NOT interract with Townsfolk engaged in Role Playing.

Native American Indians speak their own language. Native Americans may speak with — around sentences– to denote they are using their own language. Roleplay-wise unless you speak Native American you should not understand what is being said. Other languages can only be spoken if you actually write in that language (ie German, French).
If you wish to inquire more on this visit their area, where you will receive a n/card. DO NOT enter the Native American Village at the top of the mesa unles you are INVITED. If you have chosen the clothing of a Native because this is your Role Playing interest, you may wish to contact another Native on the mesa for further instructions on how you may recieve support from the local Tribes.

DEATH! By gun or Bow and arrow: If you are shot to 0 Hearts under FWC system you are considered to be ‘Unconcious’ and should remain LAYING ON THE GROUND for 3 Minutes before using revive.
Anyone around you may now kill you for example stand over you and shoot using EMOTES
((example /me approaches John and shoots him a couple of times to ensure he is dead.))
or rob you and leave you to recover later. **After Reviving you have to wait 30 minutes or you become officaly dead if you’re shot again**.
If you are KILLED you are considered dead in character for ‘2 HOURS’ and should remain umarmed if remaining in Tombstone.
That means you can remain out of character but not interfere with roleplay for the period and must wear a GHOST (flip title) Tag. It is generally a good idea to record your “TOD- Time of Death” along with the word GHOST.

Standard roleplay based emote combat is valid for brawls etc or story based roleplay, this means typing your actions ..with a few guidelines.
a) no one liner poor roleplay - ham it up, imagine you’re in a film!
b) no griefing - see below
c) no forcing actions upon another without reply - poor sporstmanship.

You cannot kill the UNARMED. Like most western films the bad guys even only shoot those with a chance to fight. Having a HUD on does NOT mean you are armed. You wear a HUD because you are prepared to ‘die’ (temporarily) in the sim whilst taking part in role play. Firing on the UNARMED can be considered RANDOM gunfire and/or Griefing.

The only way a person can be HANGED on the gallows is by Authorised Marshall and Sheriffs of Tombstone and that is after a fair court trial. If you are arrested or detained in Tombstone you have the right to hire an Attorney or have the Town appoint one for you. Getting an Attorney is a very good idea. It can reduce the size of a fine you are asked to pay.

If someone armed roleplays an encounter with you and you refuse to arm (draw!) you are considered surrendered , you cannot be killed but SHOULD COMPLY as you would with a real person with a gun to your head.

Note that Tombstone is NOT purely a combat sim, it is a WILD WEST ROLE PLAY SIM. . Shooting people without proper roleplay reasoning is not appropriate here and WILL be considered GRIEFING. You can expect to be banned from this SIM for 3-6 days.

Consent - If parties engaged in a roleplay wish to honour each other’s actions even if they go against rules above they can do so. Rules are only their to protect people’s play experience.

Griefing defined as actions against another that cause a real detriment to their playing experience. This includes the persistent harassment of others or roleplaying themes of a poor taste that offend that person. Also consult the SL policy definitions of Griefing and Griefers. Expect an Abuse Report to be sent to Linden labs immediatly. This includes harrasment to another using IMs.

Griefers will be banned from the SIM, City Admins are not ‘required’ to give reasons as this is a private place.

You will find that everyone is friendly and helpful to you unless you give them cause not to be.

Any problems contact MadMinxMag or Adrian Wise.

and finally, Enjoy your stay in Tombstone Arizona

A view of the main drag in Tombstone

A view of the main drag in Tombstone

Overhead view of Tombstone

Overhead view of Tombstone

The best part about this town, is it is populated by actual avatars who roleplay according to character classes they choose. Check out this conversation I wondered into, hilarious.

[21:25] Imi Peccable: I can give you that
[21:25] Jude1 Hammerer: I have been insulted!
[21:25] Jude1 Hammerer: And why I will gladly take your two dollars, I shall not give back what is more or less legally mine!
[21:25] Imi Peccable: Um no
[21:26] Imi Peccable: Only if you release QUilla
[21:26] Jude1 Hammerer: I’m waiting for the two dollars, by the way.
[21:26] Imi Peccable: I don’t think you really understand what’s going on
[21:27] Jude1 Hammerer: mamm, I have no doubt that is the case!
[21:27] Jude1 Hammerer: But I am pretty sure you can illuminate it for me for a small stash of money.
[21:27] Imi Peccable: Oh for heavens sake. ARe you gonig to shoot a woman in the street?
[21:28] Imi Peccable: WIth the sheriff over there?
[21:28] Stevie Basevi is Offline
[21:28] Stevie Basevi is Online
[21:29] Jude1 Hammerer: I was flexxing my trigger finger, I am much more athletic than I have wont to be in the past, due to mey medical regimine!
[21:29] Jude1 Hammerer: (ahem, ‘regiemen)’)
[21:29] Imi Peccable: (regimen)
[21:29] Imi Peccable: But who’s paying attention?
[21:30] Imi Peccable: SO how much for Quilla?
[21:30] Jude1 Hammerer: Mam are you castig aspersions on my character?
[21:30] Imi Peccable: MOst definitely
[21:31] Jude1 Hammerer: I will get you in the most crushing, cruel manner possible in a desolate place that is shot through wiht law breakers!
[21:31] Jude1 Hammerer: I shall sue you for SLANDER!
[21:32] Imi Peccable: Um..truth is a defense
[21:32] Imi Peccable: ANd no one really likes you once they get to know you
[21:32] Jude1 Hammerer: ma, you heap outrage on top of . . well, more outrage!
[21:32] Imi Peccable: Yes, well back to the business at hand? how much?
[21:33] Jude1 Hammerer: I can no longer do business with you, I ‘m afraid.
[21:33] Jude1 Hammerer: I am defined by my honor, or little else.
[21:33] Jude1 Hammerer: So you’ll have to pay up big time.
[21:34] Imi Peccable: SO how much are we talking about?
[21:34] Jude1 Hammerer: How much money do you have, lady?
[21:35] Imi Peccable: That’s not the way I negotiate
[21:35] Esecutore Rossini shows to be somehow interested by the words
[21:35] Imi Peccable: What is you offer?
[21:35] Jude1 Hammerer: Listen, everyone kknows I am a man of unimpeachable reputation!
[21:35] Imi Peccable: NO one believes that
[21:35] Imi Peccable: Stop stalling and name your price
[21:35] Jude1 Hammerer: *whispers ot stranger next to him* PLAY ALONG WITH ME, HERE, ALRIGHT?

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  1. Tombstone Resident August 3rd, 2007 9:47 pm

    Tombstone is a great place, but don’t get on the wrong side of Adrian Wise - the “mayor” and “owner” of this sim. If he doesn’t like you (and that would be roleplaying in some way he doesn’t like), he’ll restrict your movement in the sim, pretend nothing has happened, and refuses to answer questions about the sim. HE is the authority, so you play it his way, regardless of the rules.

    My recommendation to anyone who plays in Tombstone is to shoot this asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Stone Culdesac August 3rd, 2007 10:08 pm

    LOL, I’ll remember that, always feels good to shoot an asshole. ;)

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  4. John February 24th, 2008 5:38 pm

    The post above about Adrian Wise is not far from the truth and whoever wrote the rules for the sim should be shot. There are contradictions throughout them and even the rules that do make sense are contested by admins in favour of the clique` when certain confrontations emerge. When confronted with this the owners will take the side of the admin and either ban or simply warn the individuals involved based on what seems to be favouritism. It is not a perfect world of course, and this is a private sim so the owners have every right to do what they want short of breaking the Second Life TOS. However any claims made that this sim is fair and equal to all roleplayers is a lie. I cannot however provide proof of this but I invite you to go to the sim and push the boundaries of any rules to find you will be contradicted, alienated and eventually banned from the sim in favour of the regulars.

    My conclusion is that it’s a shame such a talented sim owner who has made such an asthetically pleasing and roleplay intensive sim should be so backward thinking towards the views and freedom of expression required by everyone in this, a modern world. A sheer and blatant lack of adherence to his own rules which apparantly seem to be nothing more than a discourse of the sparkling utopia the sim was meant to become, even if they are on the whole contradictory.

  5. mag April 6th, 2008 10:35 am

    I feel i have to respond to this. We have many people in our sims. We makew rules so that the roleplay experience is enjoyable for all. The main rules being - no flying, no random shooting, wear your hud at all times, no out of character talk.

    If we didn’t have these rules people that came to roleplay would be most upset.

  6. Manveru Dryke April 25th, 2008 5:43 am

    Oh such a great post on such a wonderful town. Yes the replys seem angry and hosile. That is a true shame when one will lash out at a great place. It has grown to 4 sims, 6 if you include the OOC rentals. I began in Tombstone about last year, yes I was cautious on meeting the Mayor… But time heals all theorie’s.
    When you come to the sim looking for fun, fun is what you will get, you will be welcomed with open arms and great times if you are not shy :)
    but if you arrive looking to cause trouble, trouble is what you will find.
    Too bad the reply was left without a siginature, real shame to think some people find joy in griefing still.
    Kudos to the kind reporter to have said such a wonderful thing about the little town, and I hope they come back for more good times.

    See ya all on Allan Street!

    “Clanton Ranch Boss” Manveru Dryke

  7. Jefke Kohime May 7th, 2008 10:53 pm

    Howdy all!!

    I was very pleased to read about Tombstone in this blog!

    I am a player in Tombstone for over a year now. First with another account, and now with my current (2) accounts, and I love it here! I started out with no friends there, and now almost my entire friends list are people from Tombstone. Allthough my roleplay hasn’t always been perfect, I was never banned from Tombstone.
    The first time i met mr Adrian Wise, and talked to him, it wasn’t good… However, I never noticed anyone giving me a bad time, or trying to chase me out! On the contrary, nowadays I am a Tombstone Admin. And I can reassure you all, the team of Admins are as fair as can be expected.
    And as for miss Vandeperck and mr Wise: they are great people. A bit weird, perhaps ;-) , but great! I have learnt much from them and I thank them for the ton of amazing work they do for the Tombstone SIMs and roleplayers.

    See y’all in Tombstone!!

    Jefke Kohime

  8. Reggie April 17th, 2009 1:48 am

    What i found about this place, is that all the admins are alts and have alts in the sim. It is pretty manipulative, and the level of respect one is treated with is equal to that of a gorean slave. If you need validation of your rp skills you are in real trouble, as it almost seems like an experiment here to encourage RP that equates to the acting style of a silent movie, and they will belittle anything that has some style or thought to it. Interestingly enough, is how admin alts find themselves having females they manipulate into relationships pay for large parcels and when that ends, so does the relationship. My advice is keep your guard up here. It isn’t exactly how it seems. There are some great people there too, but they won’t be in an admin tag. And Adrian is an ass, no matter what the admin’s say. This is the alleged end and be all of the sim, but as Mags says, they all have something to do with what is going on. If one admin tells you they don’t care for another one, watch out, they are pulling you in to their game. They can break all the rules, and do whatever, all they have to do is find new suckers to pay for it all. Of all the RP sims I have been to, this is the most dysfunctional and abusive one to its patrons I have encountered, it just takes a while to figure it out.

  9. mag May 10th, 2009 10:33 am

    The post above sounds like an aggrieved person who has got int a relationship or who’s friend has, and it didn;’t work out. That is confusing rp with rl emotions. A recipe for disaster.
    We do not tolerate sexual themes in rp. If you are after that . go someplace else, there are enough. Adrian is committed and passionate to the upkeep of the 8 sims. Its rare to find anyone that dedicated.

  10. Shire November 5th, 2009 5:31 am

    Adrian Wise is an ego maniac and a control freak, pure and simple. Even his admins (past and present) are likely to acknowledge this from time to time. Adrian is aloof, intolerant, and completely unfair. He and his admins ban avatars whenever they feel like it, usually with no warning, dialogue, or explaination. I can’t tell you how many times role players have gone into group chat wanting to know why they were banned.

    I have found that talking to Adrian directly is almost impossible. He has never once responded diretly to my notecards or IMs. He prefers to communicate through his lady and his admins, like some kind of God pearched high on his throne.

    Other than this and the racist “Apache” group which actually has the nerve to call themselves the “White Mountain Apaches” (one of many federally recognized Apache tribes), and which uses to the offical flag and tribal seal of the real White Mountain Apache people without the permission of the tribal chairperson or the council of elders, the sim is a fun place to RP.

  11. Shire November 5th, 2009 3:45 pm

    Adrian Wise is an ego maniac and a control freak, pure and simple.

    Tombstone’s “Apache” village is a racist place that undermines Native American soviegnty. This group actually has the nerve to call themselves the “White Mountain Apaches” (one of many federally recognized Apache tribes in real life). They use the offical flag of the White Mounain Apache people as well as the offical tribal seal. They do this without the permission of the real life tribal chairperson or the council of elders.

    Nothing in Tombstone’s “Apache” village is even remotely Apache. It is really nothing more that a bizarre collection of Native American stereotypes, and is completely inaccurate from a historical standpoint. By 1898 All of the Apache tribes were living on reservations, none of which were anywhere near Tombstone. The first Apache reservations were established in the mid 1870’s, Geromino’s Chiricahua resistence ended in the early 1880’s, The traditonal Apache house is the wikiup (not the tipi), and 19th century Apaches wore cloth garments with buckskin moccasins (not half-naked “Zena The Warrior Princess” Halloween costumes).

  12. Shire November 8th, 2009 3:41 am

    I am a real life member of the Mescalero Apache tribe of New Mexico and was once banned from Tombstone for making suggestions on how to improve their Native American roleplay. If you have any respect for real life Native American people, I urge you to avoid Tombstone’s “Apache” group.

    If you want to do the online equivelent of dancing around in your back yard swinging a plastic tomahawk and wearing a two-dollar multi-colored headdress while making idiotic “hand-over-mouth” noises (woo woo woo woo), then by all means join Tombstone’s “Apache” group.

  13. Nany November 8th, 2009 8:44 pm

    Combating intolerance is a cornerstone of Second Life’s Community Standards. Actions that marginalize, belittle, or defame individuals or groups inhibit the satisfying exchange of ideas and diminish the Second Life community as whole. The use of derogatory or demeaning language or images in reference to another Resident’s race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation is never allowed in Second Life.

  14. Nany November 8th, 2009 8:51 pm

    The abuse of the White Mountain Apache Tribe for commercial exploitation is a defamitory and demeaning reference to the ethnicicy and religion of the White Mountain Apache people and all American Indian people. It is a violation of the Second Life Terms of Service Community Standards.

  15. Nany November 8th, 2009 8:55 pm

    Defend genuine Native American culture. Report this abuse to Linden Lab.

  16. Maverik November 20th, 2009 8:29 pm

    Rumors is that Tombstone is going back to one SIM for RP and the rest will be put up for rent.

    I seen Adrian grow to what he/she has become today. Adrian started off having fun with the SIM but as time went on he become more to what he is today. I seen many of his friends leave through time. Makes you wonder why?? He always sorrunded himself by bad Admins. Could almost say that he thrives on it.

    For the Apache there really a bunch of gorean rpers that came to Tombstone to do combate rp and sex. Was like this from day one.

  17. Chris Mammoth January 5th, 2010 2:05 pm

    Bumped across this randomly and thought I’d chuck my 20 pence in to it. Alot of people get banned from Tombstone yes, this is for 1 very simple reason They repeatedly break rules.

    As for this wholesale bashing of Adrian Wise and his admins. People you sound like the assholes here. Since I first arrived at Tombstone i have found Adrian to be nothing more than helpful and a source of guidance. Yes there are questionable admins there, there are also some extremely good ones. AS IS FOUND IN ANY RP SIM.

    Tombstone is a maticulously run RP sim. The enforcement of the rules that so many (griefers) here are whining about is an obviously neccessary part of ensuring a sim of its scale and population runs properly and remains enjoyable for the majority.

  18. Ronnie January 22nd, 2010 2:10 am

    We’ve heard both sides of this story about Adrian Wise and his admins. As a person who prides herself on neutrality and has been in Tombstone for quite some time, I can give the readers a very fair and balanced conclusion on this topic.

    1) Bans- 99% of the time people are banned it is because they did break a rule and the breaking of this rule was not conducive to good roleplay. In some way most people who were banned detracted from the environment that creates good roleplay.

    2) Admins- There are some Admins that are completely helpful and dedicated to bettering the sim. If you get one called on you for an infraction, hope that you get one of the previous mentioned types of Admins. There are, however, some very very very bad Admins. For example, there is an Admin named Raven Cinquetti. He does not like to lose in any of the roleplays he does. If he is at risk of losing or if you shoot him be prepared to hear about it in an IM. Also be prepared to be possibly banned. Do not think that you can appeal this ban to a higher person. You will find your appeal ignored or denied.

    3) Adrian Wise- Well, this seems to be a pretty popular topic. I will say this about Adrian. He is looking for a very refined specific type of roleplay. He isn’t exactly clear with what he wants. However, if you are roleplaying in a manner that he does not like you will know about it. You will usually find out about it through another Admin. If you IM him and find yourself ignored it is either because he’s very busy or because he is ignoring you on purpose. If he is ignoring you on purpose then you can bet you’ve done something to piss him off. But there are ways of redeeming yourself.

    Sometimes you will find yourself being watched. This is either because you have done something wrong in the past or the Owners are interested in your roleplay.

    For Chris Mammoth, you are relatively new to tombstone. Your response to the above post is based on your lack of knowledge when it comes to what goes on in Tombstone behind the scenes.

    With all that said I do recommend that you visit Tombstone. It is a lot of fun and there are a lot of great people there. Just stay out of any administration aspect of the sims and stick to roleplay. That is where you will find true enjoyment. Ignorance is bliss, so be a little ignorant of what goes on behind the scenes.

    So, follow the rules, be creative, and keep an open mind. Tombstone is a learning experience for roleplay. you are there to have fun but you are also there, whether you realize it or not, to make your roleplay better.

  19. Jackie March 19th, 2010 9:09 am

    What I all read here is correct about Adrian Wise and his admins. It’s their denial to blame the ppl and telling that they are wrong. I have been there for nearly a year and I at first didnt see it myself but my eyes opened and saw that it was nothing more then a manipulative place that is being runned by a man who thinks he is god. Yes, he is nice and helpfull in the start but then later on you get to know him as a manipulative man and surrounds himself by selfloving manipulative admins. This is the only reason that ppl went from Tombstone or where banned or driven away. Maybe one day the owners Wise and V and their admins will see what they did to ppl and think of the damage, pain and grief they gave ppl. Others are not the griefers, they are griefing ppl themselves.

  20. Argus Collingwood July 14th, 2010 6:56 pm

    I call BS and whining on some of these posts. Best advice is to go and try it yourselves;-)

  21. sl user July 15th, 2010 12:40 am

    every negative thing said here is true. they are here to make money, they have forgot that sl is a game, the rules are always changing. usually in favor of the admins and usually on the fly. I say everyone leave tombstone and new people if you aer thinking of going there, don’t.. they charge you 10L to try it. then you have to use there weapons which are rediculouly over priced, at 3000L and up…DOWN WITH TOMBSTONE!!

  22. tombstone member July 15th, 2010 12:50 am

    everything said above is true, tombstone is an amazing place, as well as hell. The owner is a childish tyrant that thinks he’s god. His favorite pastie is to talk down to the people of tombstone like they are stupid, when i fact mr wise, you are the dumbest of all. you are driving everyone form there. not only you but your band of puppets, that you call admin. I WOULD SUGGEST THAT YOU STEER CLEAR OF THIS SIM. it has turned into a tourist attraction geared to make money not for the fun and rp that it once was. I say DOWN WITH TOMBSTONE. anyone new shold be alarmed that these money hungry s.o.b’s charge you for the hud that you must wear at all times. the waepons are rediculously over priced at 3000L and up.. PLEASE PUT A STOP TO THE GODDISM..

  23. Double Maverick July 15th, 2010 2:52 am

    Sitting on a hill I start to write my observations…..

    ..The Apaches, once a strong and proud group, the terror of the West, are now pacified.

    ..The once dreaded, unmerciful Rejects are now a distant memory in the annals of the west. Suppressed by laws, rules, an insect under a microscope, subjected to the ultimate scrutiny. Their once hearty soul, torn from them by a rule.

    ..The Outlaws…….All I hear is silence in the wind.

    ..The Law……Outgunned, outnumbered, in the past, they would still fight on, no matter the odds, Now they are more accustom to fits of rage like a child when things do not go their way. Once held to a higher standard, that standard now has gone away.

    Where are we now one may ask?

    The Town of Tombstone once a nortorious town, known in all parts as one of the toughest towns in the west, in the real world and even the virtual one is no more. As it’s real world counterpart our town has become nothing more than a tourist trap, a side note, a curiosity along a persons travels.

    The town that would never die, has in fact become like its namesake. In a virtual world where we created fictional characters to interact with other fictional characters in a fictional ideal of a place, we accomplished just 1 thing. We made it just like the present day. Tossing our present day thoughts of morality, rules, laws, regulations into a place that was never made for it.

    In short we killed a dream in a dream world.

    It saddens me to think that even in a fictional place people forget how to dream.

    So long old Tombstone, you will be missed.

  24. who cares July 16th, 2010 1:55 am

    [18:49] Dmitriy Gausman: Copy this for him from the rules. It might help: “The main Tombstone group chat (TombstoneWild West Arizona) is for important and authorized announcements related to the SIM and for seeking help from Admins. The ONLY reason for all other members to use this group is to ask for an available ADMIN. If someone DOES make a mistake and posts a comment, please know that an ADMIN will be contacting that person. Please DO NOT add to the problem by responding with your own 2 cents…not even to say, “Don’t use this group for chat.” YET ANOTHER REASON TO STEER CLEAR,. someone asked a question in there precious group chat

  25. late-comer July 20th, 2012 8:30 pm

    I read this article and the comments with interest. I have to say that I’m glad I didn’t read this before joining Tombstone because I would never have joined and missed out on a lot of fun and, I might add, the chance to learn a lot. I notice, however, that the last comment on this thread is over a year old and I have been in Tombstone less than that, so things may have changed since then.

    Some of the comments are, to say the least, biased against the sim, the owners and the admin. That is to be expected, I suppose, because … well, that’s Second Life.

    I am a little confused, though about the lambasting of the Tombstone Apache group as “racist”. The group is supposed to be free Apache, not reservation Apache. Yes, the dates may be wrong (would probably be better set earlier or generally in the 1800’s) and in 1899 Apaches may have been on reservations, but remember it is ROLEPLAY, not real life - are the dates and times in movies always spot-on? I haven’t seen any flags on Apache land in Tombstone, but if the comments earlier are correct, perhaps there is a case for removing or altering them. However, to brand a whole group as “racist” because of a few inaccuracies or indiscretions is not only crass, it is also racist in and of itself. Sure, not everyone who plays Apache is Apache, but are actors always of the same nation they portray? Are all those who play cowboys really cowboys (or even Americans)?

    However, all roleplay I have seen and participated in with the Apache group has been done with respect to the Apache Nation and is set in the 1800’s (even if the exact date of 1899 may be incorrect). On NO occasion have I seen ANYONE dressed in a “Zena Warrior Princess Halloween costume” among the Apache, Navajo or any other group in Tombstone.

    Baby, bathwater comes to mind.

    If you take the time to read through the Tombstone Native American rules notecard, you will see that the “Zena” and Disney Pocahontas style “fantasy Indian” costumes are not permitted on the sims, although the store owners (who are independent from Tombstone) at Winslow may sell some for use off sim.

    I worked hard on my back story and have literally cried during my research reading about the atrocities that were perpetrated on both sides of the frontier at the time and earlier. In fact, when I joined Tombstone, I knew zip about any 19th century American history and researching a back story has given me a whole new outlook - on all sides (Settlers, Apache and Navajo and not just fighting against each other but also between themselves). But I have always been one to do a bit of groundwork before running in, all guns blazing. I’m sure that many of the people who enjoy Tombstone do the same.

    It is NOT a combat sim, it is a ROLEPLAY sim. Those who can’t tell the difference should probably go somewhere else. Sometimes battle may ensue (whether impromptu, or organised in advanced) and can be fun, but most people in Tombstone don’t generally go looking for it without good reason. In fact, any battle, gunfight or conflict has to be roleplayed and reasons given for it before, during and after WITHIN the roleplay. You can’t just walk up and hack or shoot someone in the back without giving reasons and fair warning. That is common to most SL RP sims.

    Everyone, whether Townsfolk, Outlaw, Native or Gypsy must be dressed in an appropriate way (for women, that means no flesh from the top of the breasts to below the knees should be shown - for men, Victorian-style dress at all times) and that sexual themed roleplays are not allowed outside the brothel. Native Women are treated with respect and have equal chance to become members of any group (Warrior, Medicine, Native, etc) - they are not slaves and, indeed, are actively involved in roleplay if they so desire. So, where you get the “Gorean” comment from, I don’t know.

    I have found the admin at Tombstone to be reasonable and on the couple of occasions where there have been protests about “roleplay discrepancies” or other problems, I have seen them to be fair and not quick to act until chat logs have been examined by MORE THAN ONE admin. Yes, occasionally they may make mistakes, but we are all human behind our keyboard, aren’t we? My cat doesn’t really play on SL, I don’t know about yours.

    Do the admins talk among themselves about roleplayers and newcomers? I would guess “almost certainly”. In a 9-region roleplay sim, organisation is essential. Do they have alts? Almost certainly! I know I would if I were admin. Playing one role constantly can get tedious and they are as entitled as anyone else to have alternate characters. Alts can also be used to get to know people under different conditions and circumstances. I see NOTHING wrong with that.


  26. Silly Bombastic August 11th, 2012 10:22 am

    Again, good sim run by egomaniac morons! I shot my friend, then some idiotic kid and it tooks them 10 hours to work out we were griefing. They can’t even speak English. Hilarious. Great fun!

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