Jul 27

Win L$500,000 from Wise Metaverse

Category: Contests by Stone Culdesac

Here is a nice big pile of lindens you can win, if you can come up with the most promising use for the Wise Metaverse Texture Management System.

In cooperation with JT Financials and SLReports.net, the Wise Metaverse will be giving a grand prize of L$500,000 (five hundred thousand Linden Dollars) to the Second Life entrepreneur that can come up with most creative, promising use for the revolutionary new Wise Metaverse Texture Management System.

The system is a comprehensive advertising and texture-rotation solution, allowing users to drop scripts into objects they own or have created in Second Life, then use an online account management tool located at www.wisemetaverse.com to update textures on their objects grid-wide, set rotation time, track click counts for each texture, track impressions for each texture, and control what each texture gives when clicked (object, notecard, or landmark). The management tool even allows for users to create multiple campaigns for different objects they are using. Source: Wise Metaverse offering L$500,000 prize to best Second Life business plan

All submissions must be received no later than August 19, 2007. Those submitting entries are asked to please include their Second Life avatar names in the subject line of the email. Get a free copy of the system here, Second Life URL.

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