Jul 30

Issues with the Grid

Category: Grid Performance by Stone Culdesac

In a post at Second Life Insider, they say the recent issues we have been having with the Grid are being caused by some script kiddies named The Patriotic Nigras, and they figure someone else has to actually be causing all of the problems.

It’s unlikely that the Nigras themselves are actually responsible for the work, as most of them are ’script kiddies’ (people who cannot create or modify software) and this sort of thing seems to be well above their usual displayed capacity (usually limited to screaming obscenities, using cage-guns or employing the work of others). Most likely, their eagerness to cause trouble is being exploited by someone else.

As for the exploit itself, it was reported at least as early as February 12, 2006, and apparently remains unpatched to this day. It is relatively simple to take advantage of and as such, we’ll not be publishing the specifics at this time.

The exploit takes advantage of a feature-by-design, and as-such, is going to be tricky to fix without (a) breaking the actual intended feature, and (b) breaking something else - That said, there are several possible points at which the exploit can be closed. Source: What is wrong with the SL grid?

Some think it is because of the gambling ban, others think it’s just griefers causing trouble, we may find out one day and we may not. ;)

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