Jul 31

Basic Building 101 - Introduction to Building in SL

Category: Education by Stone Culdesac

Description: The Academy of Second Learning Presents… Basic Building 101 - Introduction to Building Instructor - Andreia Bertolucci

When: Jul 31, 2007 10:00 AM (Tuesday) to Jul 31, 2007 11:00 AM (Tuesday)

Taking your first steps with building in Second Life? Eager to start attending building classes but first want to learn the basics?

Come along and learn the Basics of Building!

We will talk about: How to Create prims; How to change the prims Position; How to change prim’s Shape; How to Stretch, Rotate and Texture a prim; How to change the prim’s Color; How to give a Name to the prim; How to make the Prim more useful; How to practice with our object in Inventory; How to Take or Delete your prim.

This class is for beginners and new residents to Second Life!

At the sim’s landing point, behind the reception desk, there’s an ASL sign and teleporter that will take you to the edge of the classroom area.

ASL - Taking you to the next level!

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