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Real Lawyers in a Virtual World

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Neat little article about a law firm in Washington D.C. who not only has a virtual office, they are earning another $20,000 a year from it. And that is all from consulting people in world on issues that would just cost too much money offline to litigate, like stolen items, copyright infringement, or even a bad tenant. Even so, as we have seen, some cases do go straight to a real life court, like the Sex bed case where Stroker Serpentine, is suing another avatar, named Volkov Catteneo, for copyright infringement over a sex bed that made Stroker a lot of money.

Except for one thing: The jewelry store in question doesn’t really exist. Nor does the jewelry — at least not in the realm of traditional Newtonian physics. And although Lieberman has an actual law office, that isn’t where Davis found him. Instead, Davis saw Lieberman’s law firm ad in a place far removed from Washington, a place that only exists as an endless stream of ones and zeroes.

Not long ago, when lawyers spoke of “virtual law firms” or the “paperless office,” they meant being able to share electronic documents and hold video teleconferences. Here, the whole office disappears, or at least is radically transformed, into computer code, along with the people, furniture, conference rooms, copying machines — everything, in fact, except for the bad coffee.

Don’t misunderstand. Stevan Lieberman is a real-life attorney, and he does practice intellectual property law at a real D.C. firm called Greenberg & Lieberman. It’s just that he and his firm have opted to expand into the relatively uncharted territory of Second Life, an online simulated universe with more than 8 million users — and growing. Take that, DLA Piper.

“There’s real money changing hands, and there are real disputes that people have in-world over real creations,” says Benjamin Duranske, whose avatar, “Benjamin Noble,” created the Second Life Bar Association. “It just happens to be represented digitally.” Source: Lawyers Find Real Revenue in Virtual World via the WSJ

Real money changing hands, you guys running the stock exchanges hear that, a lawyer said that.

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