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Dallas Video Festival in Second Life

July 30th, 2007 | Category: Second Life Videos

“Over the past 20 years the Dallas Video Festival has embraced the way technology can not only revolutionize artistic expression but can also enrich the human experience through unprecedented access to content, ideas and community. Join us as we yet again take one big step for video festivals everywhere. We are taking our festival into the metaverse of online virtual worlds. Many believe that online virtual worlds are the future of the internet. In partnership with the school of Arts and Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas we will launch a series of events in the 3D online digital world, SECOND LIFE. Our events are designed to wet your appetite for another year of outstanding films, videos, shorts, features, and everything in between.

July 30th show will feature:

Excerpts from two DVF2.0 short film compilations
Tech-Art Activism: Curated by Carolyn Sortor
The World We’ve Made (Featuring 2 programs that are Second Life DVF2.0 exclusives.)

When Is It? Don’t miss the OPENING of DVF2.0 in Second Life at the Monday 7/30 8p.m. Central Time in the Metaverse Gallery & Performance Space on the UTD ATEC Island (The show will be up for viewing through 8/5).”

Second Life URL to come.

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LSL Scripting - LSL204 - Communications I

July 30th, 2007 | Category: Education

Where: Rockcliffe University
When: WhenMonday, July 30, 2007 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM PST
Location: RUSLC Emerald Room
Materials: Included
Prerequisites: LSL201, LSL202

The LSL2xx course is a series of fast-paced lectures covering LSL, the Linden Scripting Language. This course is intended primarily for those with either real-world programming experience, or those who have some experience with scripting in Second Life and who would like to learn more. (Those without such experience are welcome to attend, but we strongly suggest first attending our PGM1xx course in order to learn the basic concepts of computer programming.)

In LSL204, the student will learn about some of the scripting functions used for communicating between objects and avatars, or between objects and other objects. Topics will include:

1. Chat functions
2. Listen functions
3. Email functions

A copy of the powerpoint slides may be purchased from the bookstore if the student desires; however, these are not required for the class.

Here is the Second Life URL.

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Treasure Quest

July 29th, 2007 | Category: Treasure Hunt

“Ahoy all ye mateys, comon’ aboard, the next Treasure Quest has begun!”

Explore Second Life, and the many wonderful locations it has to offer in pursuit of treasures as you get clues, solve puzzles, and gain wonderful prizes along the way! Can’t wait? Neither can we!

First clue located at the Treasure Quest Head Quarters!

Be sure to join the Treasure Quest Hunters group for help, extra clues, friendly banter, and updated information about the hunt.

Second Life URL

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Good Advice on Earning Lindens

July 29th, 2007 | Category: Earn Lindens

I just ran across this page from the latest Second Opinion Newsletter, and that the last bit of it fits well in my recent ways to get free lindens and invest your lindens postings, this article talks about filling needs and earning lindens selling stuff that avatars need, but don’t know they need yet.

The “missed” extends to opportunities Residents can take advantage of. Second Life is a world ripe and rife with opportunity for the observant: Cid Vilas saw his tFinder texture search engine shoot to the top of the SL Exchange charts. Before him, Ante Flan’s waves spread throughout the Grid like wildfire… only more watery. Both these Residents filled voids with their pioneering inventions, and with each beneficial creation, our community grows richer - not just in material profit, but in intangibles like knowledge and creativity, which aren’t as easy to quantify, but are irrevocably important to the growth of a culture.

So if you’re asking yourself, “How do I get L$?”, go beyond the camping chair rat race… and look for what’s missed. Opportunities are everywhere. Find them, nourish them, and prosper. Source: Missed Opportunities

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Drexel Campus Opens in Second Life

July 29th, 2007 | Category: Education

The Drexel Island has officially opened in Second Life, allowing students to access the same materials as are on their website, as well as providing a floor for each college they offer, and allowing each college to design their own floor.

The University bought land on Second Life, May 9. The property has been named Drexel Island and cost about $900 to purchase plus an additional $150 per month for maintenance, according to Jean-Claude Bradley, E-Learning Coordinator for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Bradley said Second Life can help faculty members take their classroom materials to a new level.

“It’s a more engaging kind of environment than, say, a message board or instant messaging … it’s a lot more intuitive, I think, than blind chat,” Bradley said.

Currently, the College of Arts and Sciences occupies the east side of the island, and Hagerty Library occupies the west. Source: Drexel opens Second Life campus

They are also going to install Second Life on all of the library computers, allowing lots of students to communicate with each other while they communicate with each other, or not in Second Life. Looks very interesting.

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Earn Free Lindens

July 29th, 2007 | Category: Free Lindens

I hope to personally be adding more to this list soon as I am looking into ways to help people earn some lindens in Second Life, so they don’t have to use their real life money.

Earn lindens writing reviews of businesses, clubs, sims, or other interesting stuff in second life. Interested? Contact me @ eubeenhadd at

Earn lindens by filling out a few surveys each month for First Opinions Panel, with the ability to earn over L$1,000 a month. Second Life URL

Earn lindens by completing free offers for Earn2Life Second Life URL

Signup for the WSE, or World Stock Exchange, and invest your lindens to make more lindens Second Life URL

Get L$250 for filling out the Market Truths preference form Second Life URL

I haven’t tried this one myself yet, I will the next time I login, but you can get a shot at winning L$135000 by completing an online questionaire here, Research about Second Life

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Second Life Bank Raises Limit on Withdrawels

July 29th, 2007 | Category: Banking

The bank that I wrote about earlier, Ginko Financials, has doubled the limit on the amount of lindens you can withdraw to 10,000.

14 hours ago I wrote about the 5,000 withdrawal limit Ginko Financial had imposed; a recent check showed that the new withdrawal limit is 10,000 Lindens.

The Ginko Financial Website is also reporting this, but interestingly is not keeping track of what the withdrawal limit was; a previous post was edited with the new withdrawal limit.

This increase in the withdrawal limit demonstrates that the run on the bank itself may be on the downswing. Source: Ginko Financial Withdrawal Limits Raised to 10,000 Linden

I also just noticed that the article I quoted in the first post on Ginko Financials has added some commentary from the banks CEO who admits their customers were in panic mode and tried to withdraw more than they actually had on hand in the bank.

Second Life’s Ginko Financial was in crisis on Friday after customers panicked and attempted to withdraw more funds than the bank had on hand, forcing it to cap withdrawals to stave off insolvency.

“We are facing a bank run, which has depleted our available reserves,” CEO Nicholas Portocarrero told Reuters in a Second Life interview. He said the company would liquidate some of its assets to raise cash in an attempt to weather the crisis.

“Generally speaking though, I’m looking to borrow short term cash using them as collateral instead of liquidating them,” he said. Source: UPDATE 1 - Second Life bank caps withdrawals amid panic

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Scriptors Get to See New Tool

July 27th, 2007 | Category: Beta Test

For all you SL scriptors out there, you well be able to get a look at a new tool sponsored by Linden Labs, where you can plug in individual units of code to stress test and debug with verbose reporting.

A Linden Lab sponsored project undertaken by Seattle based i3D will soon provide Second Life scriptors with advanced unit testing functionality. Scriptors will be able to plug individual units of code into the system and stress test and debug with verbose reporting. They’ll even be able to track individual functions performance within different units, helping to narrow down bug hunts, and tune performance of complex apps. Source: Second Life Scriptors to Get Linden Sponsored Advanced Unit Testing Tech

Jacob Sullivan, aka Navillus Batra will show the new system at next Friday’s Metaversed Geek Meet and will then invite beta testers to test them out.

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Ginko Financials in Trouble?

July 27th, 2007 | Category: Banking, Gambling

According to a post on the Second Life news center on Reuters website, Ginko Financials stopped allowing people to withdraw their lindens, causing concern among its customers about whether the bank has their funds should they want to withdraw them. Ginko then reopened the withdrawals, but capped it at L$5,000 when it had been L$300,000 previously.

Second Life bank Ginko Financial briefly suspended withdrawals on Friday before reinstating them with a limit of only L$5,000 per day, fueling concerns that the bank did not have sufficient funds if its customers attempt to flee en masse.

“We are aware of the withdrawal issues and are doing everything in our power to correct them,” the bank said in a statement on its website at 05:42 am EDT.

As with real world banks, Ginko only keeps a small percentage of its customers’ deposits on-hand at any given time, but unlike real world banks Ginko’s minimum reserves are not set or monitored by a financial regulator. Last year Portocarrero told Reuters that Ginko keeps about 5 percent of total deposits on hand.

According to the bank’s site, it has more than 18,000 accounts holding a total of L$192,275,403. Source: Ginko Financial under fire, caps withdrawals

It was unclear whether the ban on gambling caused any of this, as casino owners are trying to get some of the money they rightly feel that they wasted, especially if they were investing everything they were making back into the casino. In an article at Informationweek, one casino owner had been in contact with the Lindens to see what the impact of the FBI investigation would be and they told him as long as they operated according to local state laws. Then they slammed the door on them.

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Elmo Balderdash Live

July 27th, 2007 | Category: Live Music


The romantic crooner belts out 80s covers as well as his own material in one of the most stunning in-world music locations.

When: August 2, 19:00

Where: Torch (116, 113, 103)

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Colors of Southern France Exhibition

July 27th, 2007 | Category: Art


The ‘Colors of Southern France’ exhibition at Elektra’s includes oil paintings by Pandore Jarvis and Provencale furniture by Doug Massey.

When: July 28, 14:00-16:30

Where: The Endless (106, 235, 28)

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House of Flames Grand Opening

July 27th, 2007 | Category: Live Music


Join Tone Uriza and his band for the grand opening of the House of Flames Concert Ballroom, which can accommodate up to 150 avatars.

When: July 28, 19:00

Where: House of Flames (234, 162, 21)

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