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The Leaky Cauldron in the Wizards Alley

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I am posting some info for the 7 nominated worlds of the Grid, this is for The Leaky Cauldron in the Wizards Alley - Sunset Harbor 172, 138, 27. Second Life URL.

The Leaky Cauldron

Inside the Leaky Cauldron

I tell you what, it may not be the flashiest sim, it may not have the most people, the Leaky Cauldron and all the shops in Wizards Alley are definitely interesting as hell. The whole time I was in the Leaky Cauldron, Slytherin students, Ravenclaw students, Gryffindor students, citizens, Wizard merchants, and others were talking about muggles hating wizards, wizards hating muggles, some defending the other, a couple crimes had just been committed, so this is definitely on interesting sim. Here are some of the conversations going on the little bit I was in there:

[0:24] Acanthus Larkham: You what?
[0:24] Hazuki Yiyuan: you’re deeper than you let on…
[0:24] Natasha Larkham: I like… Tyler papa…
[0:24] Mooneyfleur Beck: cool, do you know what it means?
[0:25] Acanthus Larkham: I must meet this boy.
[0:25] Armen Bingyi asks in a false offhanded way “I suppose you’d best tell us what mine looks like too Hazuki”
[0:25] Hazuki Yiyuan: I’m not sure…I’d guess it means you’re cheerful usually but there’s a kind of strength deep down you’re not showing
[0:25] Mooney Fleur Lupin blushes a little
[0:25] Acanthus Larkham: Has he mentioned his family?
[0:25] Natasha Larkham: please papa, will you meet him before making judgment?
[0:25] Hazuki Yiyuan: hm…brown, red, yellow…I think you’re more serious than you present outwardly. Do you have something you want to prove to someone?
[0:25] Vikkie Vuckovic: Hazuki that is a great gift…my maternal mother is a seer and she taught me that those who can touch what cannot be seen with the human eye have an insight into the true nature of another
[0:25] Armen Bingyi ’s eyes widen
[0:25] Libbie Bonetto glances at Armen
[0:25] Natasha Larkham: yes father, he said his family is one with great heritage
[0:25] Mooney Fleur Lupin: jajaja you are just teasing!
[0:25] Hazuki Yiyuan: I don’t know what this is though…I just…*feel* things sometimes
[0:26] DeathNote Recreant laughs at Kyo’s reaction not sure if it was good or bad but she decides it’s good, who wouldn’t want to be kissed by her!? Surely she was cute…surely..? She only had a moment of doubt before she was back on her feet. “Kyo, you’re certainly on the shy side for a slytherin.” She grinned, obviously not minding that at all.
[0:26] Natasha Larkham: and we share the same opinion on mudb…. muggleborns
[0:26] Libbie Bonetto nods and looks at Vikkie, “You will always know a person’s true nature”
[0:27] Acanthus Larkham: Yes well I do recall many young men saying those things to young ladies they fancied when I was a lad, and half of them were the children of muggle roustabouts.
[0:27] Mooney Fleur Lupin: Hazuki you mentioned a professor you liked the most… but never said his name…
[0:27] Hazuki Yiyuan: Oh, Professor Biedermann
[0:27] Mooney Fleur Lupin wonders whether it might be her grandpa
[0:27] Natasha Larkham looks at the floor
[0:27] Natasha Larkham: please meet him father… he is a very respectable boy
[0:27] Hazuki Yiyuan: the Alchemy professor…he’s old, but he hasn’t been broken by it. If anything he feels stronger now
[0:28] Hazuki Yiyuan: he’s been through something terrible, too…he has a constant black cloud following him but it’s not threatening just sad
[0:28] Armen Bingyi begins urgently whispering to Libbie again
[0:28] Acanthus Larkham: Oh I do intend to meet with the boy. If he will ever be brave enough to reveal himself.
[0:28] Natasha Larkham looks at her father and then looks away…
[0:28] Mooney Fleur Lupin “oh!” she says a little disappointed ” that’s …interesting”
[0:28] Kyoshi Uriza: Me? I’m not shy! I just wasn’t paying attention…
[0:28] Natasha Larkham: mother met him
[0:29] Vikkie Vuckovic: oh I meant to take Alchemy when the new term starts
[0:29] Hazuki Yiyuan: Which professor is your grandfather?
[0:29] Libbie Bonetto gazes out the window, lost in thought
[0:29] Vikkie Vuckovic: my father is gifted with potions and alchemy and wants me to work on my skills
[0:29] Armen Bingyi steals glances at Libbie
[0:29] DeathNote Recreant giggles when Kyo gets defensive. “Oooh, someone’s shy about admitting to their shyness….”
[0:29] Acanthus Larkham: “Yes but your mother” glances at Graves “is a woman and susceptible to overlook things which I can most plainly see.”
[0:30] Mooney Fleur Lupin: how did you know my grandpa was a teacher?
[0:30] Mooney Fleur Lupin: you really are a seer
[0:30] Natasha Larkham looks defeated
[0:30] Mooney Fleur Lupin: his name was Remus Lupin
[0:31] Mooneyfleur Beck: he was at Hogwarts for only a year more than 30 years ago
[0:31] Hazuki Yiyuan: you said he was
[0:31] Mooneyfleur Beck: no I didn’t
[0:31] Hazuki Yiyuan: …Lupin? I read about him in the library…wasn’t he one of Harry Potter’s friends?
[0:31] Kyoshi Uriza stares at Dea for a short time before deciding to simply change the subject, “When are you showing me the broom shop anyway?”
[0:31] Mooney Fleur Lupin: yes indeed
[0:31] Acanthus Larkham suddenly notices his daughter’s skirt
[0:32] Acanthus Larkham: Natasha that is not what we picked out for you!
[0:32] Mooney Fleur Lupin thinks “I am so proud of him”
[0:32] Natasha Larkham looks at her skirt… and turns red
[0:32] Natasha Larkham: I…
[0:32] Hazuki Yiyuan: you did say he was…didn’t you? I’m starting to fuzz out again…
[0:32] Natasha Larkham looks like she’s gonna cry
[0:32] Acanthus Larkham: That skirt will simply not do.
[0:32] Hazuki Yiyuan: this happens when I do things like trying to see someone’s aura too much…I get a little dizzy and unfocused
[0:32] Natasha Larkham: I’m sorry father
[0:33] Mooney Fleur Lupin: yes and my grandma meet him too the grandma on my other side of the family she was a triwizard champion along with him
[0:33] Hazuki Yiyuan: Quite a distinguished history…
[0:33] Acanthus Larkham: Not as sorry as I to see how readily you forget your father’s concern.
[0:33] Mooney Fleur Lupin: champion
[0:33] DeathNote Recreant: Whenever. *smiles serenely* If you feel like going now…we’ll go.
[0:33] Armen Bingyi is fighting back sleep. “I should be going. . . It’s already later than it should be for walking about at night. . . ”
[0:33] Mooney Fleur Lupin turns red and says timidly “yeah I guess”
[0:33] Libbie Bonetto: My parents were admirers of Potter, Lupin and the others
[0:34] Natasha Larkham looks at the floor and a tear falls from her eye
[0:34] Acanthus Larkham: Now change at once, sweetness!
[0:34] Natasha Larkham: yes father
[0:34] Vikkie Vuckovic: even where I am from everyone has heard of them!
[0:34] Libbie Bonetto: they joined in the battle in Hogwarts, though they weren’t of age yet
[0:34] Mooney Fleur Lupin: who are your parents Libbie?

So if you want to go to a virtual hogwarts, talk about muggles, play some quidditch, or any number of Harry Potter things, this is the sim for you.

Welcome to the Harry Potter Role-playing Sim!
We’re very glad to have you here. Feel free to look around, but please be aware of our “role-playing zones”.

Hogwarts Castle & Phoenix Estates sim- High RP: everyone stays in character. If you are not in the Hogwarts Reborn group, you cannot enter this area.
Wizard’s Alley, Market Square & Leaky Cauldron - Low RP: These are primarily out-of-character areas. Please be aware that you MUST stay within the Wizard’s Alley area as the other parts of Sunset Harbor are NOT associated with our sim and the people there enjoy their privacy.

PLEASE NOTE: Shouting in either sim is an IMMEDIATELY BANNABLE OFFENSE. Putting down or rezzing objects is an IMMEDIATELY BANNABLE OFFENSE. If you trespass into a privately rented area, you may also be banned. There is NO FLYING inSunset Harbor (Wizard’s Alley)

Please be aware that pornographic, semi-nude, Gor, and BDSM avatars are ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN on all islands. All clothing, items pertaining to any of the above must be changed/removed immediately.

If you have any questions, feel free to IM the New Member Ministers.

After you have submitted your character sheet, you need to do the following:

1. Attend an Orientation class. Contact your New Member Minister for dates and times.
2. Wait one week. Observe how people do things and get acquainted with the role-playing group.
3. Ask to be invited to the out-of-character group if you so wish.

During the one week probationary period, you will not be allowed to enter Hogwarts Castle as it is a high-role-play area. Once you have completed the orientation class and week waiting period, the New Members Minister will give you an invite to the role-playing group, Hogwarts Reborn.

A note from a broom range:
Thank you for your interest in the Wicked Workshop’s broom range. Our broom maker, Angus Mesmer, is ever a perfectionist, and if you have any feedback or suggestions, drop him an IM. We are proud of our broom range here and consider them some of the best available in the wizarding world. Below are some notes and information for after purchasing one of our brooms.

- All of our brooms can be copied and modified. If you wish to modify the appearance of your broom in any way, it is HIGHLY recommended that you first make a backup copy of the original. We are not responsible for botched brooms.

- All brooms attach to your pelvis. If you aren’t entirely happy with how it is positioned, feel free to change that. To “activate” the broom, WEAR it. You do not have to rez it on the ground, just wear it from your inventory.

- All brooms are fully scripted and are easy to control. We promise you some of the best handling you will ever find which is especially important if you like to play Quidditch. Simply start flying to begin and use the direction keys to move around (up, down, left, right, pgup, pgdown all work). Our brooms operate VERY smoothly in mouselook also, solving a problem many have had with other broom ranges. There are five speeds in the broom and can be operated with the simple commands:

!Slower - A leisurely cruise.
!Slow - A steady pace.
!Normal (default) - Good for beginners to flying. !Fast - For the more serious flyer.
!Faster - For the Quidditch star.

If you ever forget these commands during flight, simply type !Help.

- If you have made your own broom and just want our flight script or flight animation, please IM Theodore DuCasse. The script will cost $300 and/or the animation $50 (no mod, copy, no transfer permissions on both). A full permissions version of the script is not available at any price.

- Our broom maker does make custom brooms by request. Prices depend on how long the brooms will take to craft and its complexity, and prices for a custom broom begin at L$300. Please IM Angus Mesmer if you are interested in one.

Second Life URL.

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