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Doing Business in Second Life

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This looks really interesting, Meet Me in My Avatar’s Office: Doing Business In Second Life on Friday August 10 @ 5 pm sl. The speaker is Doug Mandelbrot, executive research consultant at IBM’s Academy of Technology.

Are you interested in where the future of virtual business is headed? Are you familiar with Second Life? If so, then go to Info Island I at the Open Air Auditorium for “Meet Me in My Avatar’s Office: Doing Business In Second Life” on Friday August 10 @ 5 pm sl. The speaker is Doug Mandelbrot (Doug McDavid in real life) and the executive consultant with IBM’s Global Business Services and the Almaden Research Lab. Doug is a firm believer that the 3D Internet, as exemplified by Second Life, is the future environment for all forms of remote collaboration within and among teams of people. He will discuss a convergence of historical economic and technological trends that make a move into the virtual world simply inevitable. He will introduce the audience to the range of virtual world activities that IBM is currently involved in, including their relationship with the New Media Consortium. Source: Doing Business in Second Life has more:

IBM certainly has a growing stake in the future of those online spaces. Evidence of the software giant’s commitment to R&D for virtual worlds came this week when it announced a new social-networking tool for the enterprise. Called Lotus Connections and expected out later this year, it aims to help people find colleagues of similar interests, among other things, in virtual worlds.

Still, audience members at Monday’s event expressed doubts that the corporate world, or the general public for that matter, was ready for a virtual space in which co-workers’ avatars, or digital self-representations, could be naked versions of themselves.

“The only thing that matters is what consumers are ready for,” one audience member said. Source: Meet me in my avatar’s office

I’ll post the Second Life URL as soon as I find it, stupid search.

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