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Second Life and Twitter

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Second Life and Twitter one would think would be an odd combination, but they work perfectly together, today it’s not about blogging anymore, who has time to read this and hundreds of other blogs a day, it’s about micro-chunking, squeezing the info into micro portions that you can “digest” easily. Twitter is perfect to use while in SL, as you can just get straight to the point and not have to worry about the whole story, a friend has even created a HUD just for Twitter, it’s at SLTweets and it’s free, so I was surprised after reading this article from Zdnet.

At the end of last week, I attended a Second Life event organized by Metaversed. ‘Second Life? That’s so 2006,’ I hear the Facebook crowd squawk. It may be old hat to some but enterprise players like Sun, Xerox, SAP and Amazon think enough of it that they, along with about 60 0thers turned up for the hour long event. On the panel was Jeff Barr from Amazon, Jonas Karlsson from Xerox, Fiona Gallagher from Sun and Craig Cmehil from SAP.

The best way to describe the event is a cross between a webinar and conference call but with the added twist of having the Second Life ‘immersion’ experience. The discussion, which centered around Second Life usage in a corporate setting was both thought provoking and of a high quality. Fiona Gallagher waxed lyrical about the ROI from training opportunities alone arguing that once executives ‘get it’ Second Life events roll very quickly into the organization. All agreed there are internal issues persuading IT to punch a hole in the corporate firewall but I can see those objections evaporating once people see the value delivered.

I was so impressed that when Craig Twittered he was back in Second Life on Sunday evening (CET), I hopped over. Much to my surprise, I found he’d created a script that allows you to Twitter from inside Second Life. There’s a few wrinkles to iron out but after a couple of false starts the service worked flawlessly. Almost immediately, Ramana Rao, one of my fellow Irregulars joined in the Twitter conversation. Source: Second Life plus Twitter for enterprise?

Try out SLTweets for yourself, hell, you may get to where you don’t even need a web browser open. ;)

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