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Second Life News for August 13, 2007

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NMC Creativity Symposium Kicks Off on a High Note The NMC symposium on creativity kicked off yesterday at 2 PM Second Life time, with nearly 100 avatars present and about 150 avatars signed up. Considering that the virtual conference is one week long and registration was charged, this is quite impressive.

Angel Fluffy’s Security Services Connected to PN Griefers? Running what may have been an anti-griefing protection racket in the virtual world could have backfired on Angel Fluffy - if the rumors flying around the metaverse are true. A number of sources claim that Angel Fluffy has an alternate identity as Mootykips Acronym - leader of the notorious Patriotic Nigras griefing group. Was Angel Fluffy using the PNs to create demand for the security service that Fluffy runs?

Social Web Music, Global Change,
and “the web as a virtual world”
I met with Ansi Orochi (a.k.a. Ansgar Schmidt, Lead Architect, Virtual Worlds, IBM Research and Development) on Sawubona on Second Life to ask him the question: “What Are The Most Important Characteristics of Web 3D?” Sawubona, is in a very early stage of development - the first official press release isn’t due for a month. But, it is already clear that this is going to be a ground breaking social music project in Second Life, combining global collaboration and technological innovation to raise money and awareness for a township project in South Africa.

Workshop on Learning and Research in Second Life This workshop aims to improve the understanding of Second Life as a Learning and Research environment. It will bring 35 researchers together to collaborate, discuss and workshop diverse topics related to research and learning in Second Life. We will pursue a full-day schedule in which participants will discuss their work and interests on four different topics: learning in Second Life, integrated learning, the contributions of research to the community and ethical research methods. How can we better enable learning in this sphere? How can we better enable research?

University Opens New Educational Frontier in Cyberspace Drexel University professor Jean-Claude Bradley can log in from his lab or home and teleport to his organic chemistry classroom, fly around his three-dimensional molecular models and teach wearing a cat suit.

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