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Second Life News for August 19, 2007

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“The First Thing, Let’s Mute All the Lawyers” I attended the SLBA meeting last week, and frankly, I remain alarmed about this effort, seemingly benign, of a group of people with legal training from various countries to form an organization that seems so rapidly to move from the theory of what lawyers do well in real life — protect rights — to what they do badly in real life — impose themselves as indispensable to conducting business. Everyone in business in SL — or even anybody with a non-profit or informal project — needs to be very wary of what these people mean, and what they are doing in Second Life, and keep a close watch so that they do not inhibit our virtual world.

Second Life grid experiencing large problems At 8:00AM SLT (US Pacific) this-morning, with 37,419 users logged into the Second Life grid, something began to go wrong. Reports began coming in of teleportation problems, difficulties accessing inventory, search failures, and difficulties logging in.

At 10:10PM things started to worsen and users began logging off in large numbers.

Hacking Through Tokugawa Following a suggestion from Lem Skall, I went over to Tokugawa - actually a 6-sim island - expecting to find an interesting Japanese construction under way. It is certainly that - as you can see from the pictures below - but it is also a popular spot with “killbillettes”, all merrily marshalling their martial arts in pursuit of the perfect kill.

Design and Conquer Conference On August 17th, I had the pleasure of virtually presenting an updated version of “Kathy Dryburgh’s Guide to Second Life for K-12 Educators” for the TIES Design and Conquer: A Day of Social Simulation conference held in Minnesota.

One life and beyond Something terrible happened as we watched the stock market massacre last week. A bank called Ginko Financial shut shop after depositors rushed to withdraw their money. The bank, which had 18,000 accounts, said it would issue bonds to compensate depositors who had lost money.

Virtual Business Networking Has anyone here used or considered Second Life for business networking? I went to my first virtual Business Networking meeting there on Friday and I was amazed by the possibilities.

A week away from the Second Life Community Convention Next weekend, about this time, the Masquerade would be in full swing at the Second Life Community Convention in Chicago. So far there would have been two amazing days of music from live musicians, DJ’s, great panels from everything on the education, social, business and machinima aspects of Second Life, and more than likely plenty of hookups! Earlier this year I mentioned that, another project I help organize, feels a lot like a virtual Woodstock, the combination of music and today’s technology rolled into one unifying event. The Second Life Community Convention feels a lot like the next E3, and as much as I hate that comparison I feel that it fits.

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