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Top Art Installations

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Here is a great review of the top 10 art installations in Second Life from New World Notes. This one he says is the toughest list he had to make, as there are some nice creations in sl, like recreations of the Sistine Chapel, etc, to consider as well. Here are the first three, hit the link to see the rest of the top 10.

1. DanCoyote Antonelli’s Arts & Letters Installation
A brilliant new way of describing space in Second Life, filled with interactive exhibits and breath-taking panoramic paintings. The image above is of one of the artist’s works - “Exploding Starax”.

2. Sabine Stonebender’s Installation at Zero Point in Kelham
This is an amazing journey into a land born straight out of imagination. Its electric colors and the architecture of the space, including the scripted ride are things you must experience for yourself.

3. Seifert’s The Future Installation
With an interesting blend of mathematics and art, Seifert Surface is both a visionary and a skilled artist. His installation is an experience comprised of a journey through his futuristic teleporting system and a myriad of sculptures, some interactive and some pushing the limits of prim modeling in Second Life. Source: Top 10 Art Installations of Second Life Amalthea Blanc surveys the SL arts scene for New World Notes

Even if you don’t want to see the sims in the art scene, that blog is a must read.

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