Aug 22

The Best Geisha Show in Second Life

Category: Dinner, Entertainment, Geisha Show by Stone Culdesac

The best Geisha-Show in whole SL

When: Aug 22, 2007 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM (Wednesday)

Where: Gingivere Second Life

Tags: Adult ChaCha Biedermann Gingivere Mature Nightlife Entertainment Second Life

Description: You are hereby invited to come visit our unique Geisha-Show at Kyoto-Gosho-Castle, where we also offer you animated japanese dinner for groups with up to 8 people. (bring your mates from your dojo)

Further our extensive garden offers you the chance to relax at or in our Onsen-Hotspring. You can also meditate in our Temple, if you like to be alone and listen to the birds.

Our Training-Stage offers various trainings for Samurai with C:SI-compatible melee-weapons. Shooting is not allowed on our ground, but duels are welcome outside the houses.

We also offer various entertainment for couples/lovers, so bring your partner.


The Shogun.

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