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More on Education in Second Life

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I have been seeing more and more educational write-ups about Second Life, whether that is because I am looking for them more or not or because there really is, I don’t know, but here are some more articles on education in Second Life and links to other educational resources.

Academic or Educational Destinations in Second Life Here is a list of educational or academic institutions in Second Life. This is not all inclusive and I will probably start my own on this site very soon.

As a matter of fact, here are some more I found on the site above.

Second Life Starter Guide A great guide in PDF format to help get you started in Second Life.

Scripting Tutorial - This is a nice tutorial put together by a systems analyst at IU. It also contains pointers to other tutorials.

Beginner’s Scripting - A very nice, step x step, scripting guide for beginners, with a few basic code snippets.

Natural Selections Noob Be Gone - A comedic video introduction to basic prim creation and scripting.

Beginner Video Tutorials - A great site from CTER with video tutorials.

Second Life as a Learning Tool I’ve said for a while that Second Life offers something interesting in terms of providing a natural “setting” for online sessions, presentations, etc. because they are based on understood physical settings, e.g., presentation rooms with break out spaces. Now that Second Life has audio, there is a really interesting capability to have natural break-outs during online sessions that just never seems to work well in the current batch of tools, e.g., WebEx, LiveMeeting, etc. I’ve been saying for a while that these mainstream tools will eventually start to provide a very simple Second Life like thing. The hurdles for Second Life are still a little too high for them to become truly mainstream, but would be great for a controlled audience.

Some other resources to help you learn how to use Linden Scripting Language, LSL, official resources from Second Life and other developer sites.

Official Second Life Wiki

Code Snippets Nice site with small code snippets.

Using the Linden Scripting Language The Linden Scripting Language (LSL) lets you add behaviors and interactivity to objects inside Second Life. Scripting is just another word for programming, so in learning about LSL you will end up learning about programming as well. Do not be afraid, though — between this article and the many resources available both online and in-world, you’ll be up and scripting in no time. You do not need to write scripts to have fun in Second Life, but scripting drives the magic, from vehicles and guns to vendors and HTTP requests.

IBM’s Codestation Labyrinth This is a Second Life URL directly to free code kits from IBM.

A Community Site for Second Life Developers I believe I have mentioned this site before, but here it is again, just in case. The first online resource for developers in Second Life, by developers in Second Life.

This site is for SL developers to communicate, coordinate, and find resources online to support their work. It is not for profit, and it needs your help to make it alive and full of useful resources. Please check out the forums and the wiki and contribute!

And here is a pretty good video, Educational Uses of Second Life since we are on the subject. this is the video refernced in this post above, Second Life as a Learning Tool.

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And here is one talking about Science Learning Opportunities in Second Life.

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