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Second Life News for August 27, 2007

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SLCC Day 1: Second Life has the killer app, which is community I’ve been impressed so far with how friendly people are. If you sit down next to a stranger, they turn to you and introduce themselves and ask how you are doing. For a New Yorker, I find this somewhat off-putting, but better than a bunch of the usual Web2.0 geeks huddled over their laptops and only interacting over Twitter.

Exclusive: Philip Rosedale interview from SLCC Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale sat down for an exclusive interview at the Second Life Community Convention on Saturday to talk about Linden’s business model, its relationship with its customers, and whether the company will have to chase the lowest common denominator in adhering to real world laws.

Innovation Award winners announced The first ever Linden Lab Innovation Award winners were announced today in conjunction with SLCC. This year’s awards focused on open source contributors who are making the Second Life experience better for everyone. Speaking to the SLCC audience in Chicago and in-world, Rob Linden described a community of talented and dedicated open source contributors, and he gave his warmest thanks to all who are helping to make open source Second Life a success.

Third ‘Second Life’ Convention sees active media presence This weekend the Hilton, in downtown Chicago, is playing host to the third Second Life Community Convention - SLCC 07 - along with around 800 ‘residents’ of the on-line ‘metaverse’, or virtual world, out of a total of some 5 million, 40,000 or so of whom are regularly ‘in-world’ at any given time.

Blogging the SLCC: Sibley Verbeck Keynotes Business Track To kick off the SLCC’s business track, Sibley Verbeck, CEO of the Electric Sheep Company, outlined some of the Sheep’s projects, but focused on exhortation of business developers to think cooperatively about the future of the world. “We’re all in this together,” said Verbeck. “We do compete, and we should, and we should really be pushing each other. But we’re all going to sink or swim together. And there are lots of things we can do to swim.”

Second Life Development - news While it’s true that some Universities have gotten into Second Life Development - such as VITAL Lab at Ohio State including scripting, content creation, full-service Sim development, creation of teaching tools and learning aids; none have come up with a full blown Web Metrics Package that’s Enterprise ready, or an Advertising Network in World, than with it’s V-Tracker and AdSoft In World Marketing offerings.

And check out the group on slideshare here.

Second Life Gets ‘Real’ at Conference Two men dressed in furry rabbit costumes danced the night away. A scantily underclad female vampire gleefully played dominatrix to a male vampire who obediently sat on the floor and mischievously snarled at her. A man wearing retractable wings showed off his stuff, while another in a see-through top went around spanking people with a wooden paddle.

“It’s just like being online at a party,” said Marsha Ellstrom as she observed the scene Saturday night at the Second Life Community Convention’s “Leather and Lace” Masquerade Ball here in Chicago.

“Second Life is boring, nothing much to do.” I normally don’t report on this sort of post, but this one was just so weird I couldn’t let it pass. Okay, so Singapore now has a presence in SL; good for them.

Still Waiting for Land? Okay so people are out there still trying to find land… of course people want to participate. Well as it stands right now there isn’t much more available. But that doesn’t mean it’s over. Word on the street has it that an extra 4 sims might be added to the festival on Monday (if the Linden’s are able to do that) and there’s still the possibility of parceling off some playa for extra camps. But that doesn’t help you if you don’t know about it. So once again get involved by joining the .:Burning Life:. group and the Community Chat.

Russell D. Chapman of Plano: Gamers need to keep it real Virtual worlds offer a chance to be something you’re not - like someone who spends time with family, for example

In this place, people design their own physical appearance, assuming new and sometimes bizarre forms. Most men are about 7 feet tall, women about 6 feet. Everyone is as young, old, beautiful or strong as he or she wants to be.

A First-Hand Look at a Chinese Second Life, HiPiHi Zhong Guan Village, Beijing - Last year, a mysterious You Tube video purported to demo a Chinese Second Life called HiPiHi (pronounced “high-pee-high”) stormed the virtual world blogosphere. But with little English language commentary to go on, metaverse experts like Raph Koster were left to wildly speculate.

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Inside Story: Virtual visions The online alternative universe that is Second Life was supposed to offer myriad opportunities for media companies to showcase their wares. Chris Green takes a look at their differing fortunes.

‘Second Life’: The promise and paradox In Second Life, avatars can fly with the push of a button. Maybe that’s why it seems like the virtual world’s enthusiasts sometimes have trouble staying grounded.

Second Life sees its biggest crowd yet “Who has had sex in Second Life in this room? Show of hands,” asked the moderator, a man who calls himself, inside the virtual world, Nexeus Fatale.

All those hands represent a whole lot of virtual hanky-panky. Collectively, they painted a picture of what people are doing in Second Life that’s a far cry from the usual stories about how fast the world is growing and which businesses made how many real dollars trading in parcels of virtual land.

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