Aug 28

Reinventing the Virtual City – Die virtuelle Stadt neu denken

Category: Competition by Stone Culdesac

A competition to help find new approaches to shape the growing, or shrinking, virtual world Second Life, I guess it depends on who you talk to about whether it’s growing or shrinking. Can abandoned sims be recycled, can they be reused, or should they be recycled, what happens if the Lindens files bankruptcy, what would happen to all those users? Lots of questions I think are easy to answer, but I guess this is what the competition is for.

On this occasion and supplementing the competition “Reinventing the City – Die Stadt Neu denken”, the Shrinking Cities project in collaboration with the architecture magazine archplus has launched the competition “Reinventing the Virtual City – Die virtuelle Stadt neu denken”. The goal of the competition is to find new approaches to positively shape and qualify the shrinking of Second Life: Can data garbage be recycled? Can abandoned plots of land in Second Life be erased? Or can they experience a third life with digital agriculture? Should the virtual world be reformatted? Or the remaining avatars be cloned? What happens when Linden Lab files for bankruptcy? Where will the former users of Second Life migrate?

Suggestions for projects can address spatial, cultural, media-related, communications-related, social, or economic issues of transformation. The project should be conceived as a real intervention in Second Life.

Proposals should be submitted by November 16, 2007. Explanatory text (word or txt) of max. 1800 characters in German or English. A PDF of max. 4 A4-format pages, max. 3 MB to virtual*at* Source: Reinventing the Virtual City

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