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Researching the Limits of Virtual Worlds

Category: Education, Research by Stone Culdesac

What: Researching the Limits of Virtual Worlds

When: 17 September 2007 7.00 pm until 8.00 pm

Where: ABC Island

Come and hear Dr Gautam Tendulkar discuss how CSIRO is using Second Life to research the limits of virtual worlds, data exchange between worlds and custom interfaces.

CSIRO intends to use Second Life to investigate how avatars can control devices in the real world and also how computers or devices in the real world can modify objects and avatars in the virtual world. There are various projects within CSIRO from health to mining which would benefit from a closer integration of the real and virtual world.

An example is the ability for a person who cannot move arms or legs in real life to be able to control objects and move or fly in the virtual world using a helmet which senses his brain patterns. In the virtual mining domain, the effects of mining a be made visible in the virtual world. The optimal placement of sensors and such devices can be investigated by using Second Life as a simulation environment.

The Second Life browser is now available as open source which makes it suitable for enhancements and adaptations more suited to scientific and industrial applications. Source: Researching the Limits of Virtual Worlds

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