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Second Life News for August 28, 2007

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Get a ‘Second Life’ at virtual Princeton University Some of Princeton University’s most historic buildings have been given a new home.

A student returning to campus, however, wouldn’t be able to notice the change unless he or she logged on to Second Life, a 3-D virtual world accessible through the Internet that is entirely built and owned by its users. To visit the virtual world, one must create an avatar, which is a computer-animated figure that moves along the screen as a user changes his or her location in Second Life. A user’s avatar represents his or her identity in the virtual world and first and last names must be selected for all avatars. Just about every aspect of an avatar’s appearance can be determined by its user, including, body shape, height, hair color and clothing.

Coldwell Banker Australia’s non-presence in Second Life Of course, Coldwell have been in SL since March but I thought I’d contact the Australian contact listed in the press release to ask what the Australian operation’s involvement was with SL. The response was:

“Coldwell Banker Australia at this stage is not involved in Second Life , the media release was an announcement of the brand’s initiatives.”

SLCC: It has happened I met felt 1000 people although only 800 have been there, I have extra weight on my flight back because of all those business cards (ok, I also gave out the same amount so that’s a lie). I got a new T-shirt and bag And I got some new in-world SL friends (sometimes you need to go via the RL route).

Dan Dufus the Clueless Salesman - SLCC 07 Chicago Report I had the pleasure of attending the Second Life Conference and Convention in Chicago this past weekend as a guest of Campfire Media, Atomic Bombast and Mug Wildung, and Pontiac’s Motorati Island. I was joined by Suku Ming, owner of the SLASCAR race track who shared with me 50% of all the racers on her track are women SL residents, in fact the #1 racer on the SLASCAR track is a woman avatar. Perhaps Second Life racing levels the playing field for women race car drivers? Toby Rainbow owner of the Pontiac SLASCAR dirt track next door and Flux Woyseck, owner of the Drive-In and the Malt Shop joined us to explore the action packed sessions, social events and share the car culture of Motorati Life and our respective Second Life businesses with real life SL convention goers.

Second Life’s Downside I’ve posted quite a bit about Second Life here, and as my podcast with Philip Mallory Jones (more soon, I promise!) probably makes apparent, I think that there is some very interesting potential in that virtual world. But, I can’t say I log in that much or that I have found it nearly as productive or interesting as Mr. Jones has–his work gives him an access point to the community there which is difficult to find for those of us without such a good reason to be there. Interesting that WIRED’s Chris Anderson is throwing up his hands with SL.


Second Life Community Looks to the Future At the Second Life Community Convention in Chicago this weekend, panelists and guests gathered to discuss the progress of and prospects for the growing virtual world. The real-world meeting featured live music, a masquerade ball and proclamations of how Second Life will be bigger than the Internet. Some panels focused on social networking issues - building trust, for example, and the sex life of avatars. The latter panel, hosted in part by someone named Stroker Serpentine, proved to be one of the biggest draws. But some of the more interesting discussions centered around the economic prospects of Second Life members. One entrepreneur noted that it’s difficult to get people to show up for work in her virtual shop - her “employees” don’t treat it like a real job.

Teaching in Second Life I will be teaching a course in Computer Graphics at Saint Paul College. We will use Second Life as the studio. Not that I know anything about Computer Graphics. I am hoping that my students will teach ME. Hopefully the course will allow me to explore the possibilities of using SL as a studio environment for teaching team-based courses.

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