Aug 29

Teaching English in Second Life

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Nice blog post from a teacher talking about how he is using Second Life to teach his students, and how he made up 7 movies to help them learn how to talk, move around and work in groups in Second Life without disturbing the other groups.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been pretty busy teaching my first English students on a Business English course I have been developing for a virtual school called

The experience has been pretty daunting with myself and the students having to come to terms with the complexities of the user interface and I have felt at times that my fifteen years of ‘real world’ classroom experience and the subconscious habits and reflexes that I developed over that period have totally deserted me. Source: Teaching English in Second Life

Here are links to the different videos he is using.

Pair and Group Work Using IM Call.

How to use the Active Speaker Panel

Hot to take notes using notecards

How to copy notes from notecards to Word

How to pass notecards to your partner

How to listen to audio and watch video

How to take snapshots in Second Life

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