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Second Life News for August 30, 2007

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Interview: Second Life - under attack The online world of Second Life can be a tough place sometimes: attract too much attention and you risk attack by hell raisers known as “griefers” (see page 28). One of the most prominent griefer groups is Patriotic Nigras (PN), who inflicts vicious abuse on their targets, while saying they do it for “laughs”. Here, one of the founders of PN, known as Mudkips Acronym, talks about his motivations, while Catherine Fitzpatrick (aka Prokofy Neva) explains what it’s like to be a victim and why Linden Lab, the firm that runs Second Life, is not doing enough to protect its members.

Estonia to open embassy in Second Life virtual world Estonia will join Sweden in the virtual world of Second Life when it becomes the second country to have its own embassy there, website reported on Wednesday. The Foreign Ministry of this small Baltic country plans to open a diplomatic mission in Second Life on November 11.

“Second Life is a fast-developing virtual reality where we saw an opportunity to represent Estonia,” said Marten Kokk, vice chancellor of the ministry.

Tower Consultants to open presence in Second Life Tower Consultants, a nationwide, female-owned boutique search firm specializing in the recruitment of human resource professionals for a myriad of Fortune 500 companies, announced today that the company has opened a presence in the virtual world of Second Life, at

This online outpost, created under the supervision of Semper International, whom Tower shares in ownership of Human Resource Island, will serve as another point of outreach for the company as it expands operations and exposes Tower Consultants’ unique mission of combining highly talented human resource professionals with challenging and rewarding careers to the nearly eight million residents of Second Life.

Simon Hendery: Virtual worlds can bring real benefits for business For many employers, social networking websites like Facebook are a menace - an all-too tempting distraction for staff who can easily waste hours of work time keeping up with friends online.

With the cumulative cost of an employee who spends, say, an hour a day surfing unproductively potentially adding up to thousands of dollars a year, it is no surprise many businesses are blacklisting sites like Facebook. But others argue there are business advantages to be had out of social networking, and even from the increasingly popular pastime of living out a virtual existence in online realms such as Second Life.

The 5+ Senses in Second Life The adorable and puissant Iris Ophelia asks: “In RL there are 5 (debatably 6) senses. How many are there in SL? Do we just lose some of them, or do we also gain some?”

Excellent question. I’ve posted previously about the efficacy of eating animations, which you could argue approaches the question about the experiential senses in SL. And despite this post, I think it’s time to take another look at how SL approximates our senses, and if it offers any new ones.

Marketing in Second Life: What are Group Leaders, Business Owners, and Residents thinking? Is Second Life ( significant for customer engagement, brand promotion, and even commerce? This is undoubtedly the number-one question for corporate research in this new medium. Recently, there have been many stories written about both the successes and failures from corporate efforts in Second Life (SL). This article will clarify what’s happening in Second Life and explore corporate engagement with its leading research firm, the First Opinions Panel, a service of the non profit Social Research Foundation.

Second Life - Virtual World Librarianship Courses The Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the Alliance Library System of Illinois are pleased to offer two different six week online (in Second Life) courses to introduce you to libraries and information services in a virtual world. These are non-credit courses, but continuing professional education units (CEU and CPDU) are available upon request.

Holland2.0 and Second Life … What’s the Fuss About? The Netherlands Board Of Tourism & Conventions announces the launch of, a fully Web2.0 based site, as well as the official launch of the world’s first National Tourism Board in Second Life,

Linden Labs Adds ID Verification System To Second Life In a move that should help disperse some of the clouds hanging over Linden Labs, the company has added a new identity verification system to Second Life. Robin Harper, vice president of marketing and community development said, “With the option to verify aspects of their real life identity, such as age and name, Second Life Residents can begin to build trust and safety systems inside the virtual world and their virtual community.” The list of Second Life naysayer’s grows daily, but if the virtual world can survive long enough, this recent tweak will go a long way towards making the site better for users all around.

Corbis adds user gallery to Second Life Stock media library Corbis has opened a gallery in Second Life that’s focused on creating a community space where those interested in art and photography can view, share and discuss imagery.

‘Second Life’: The promise and paradox At this weekend’s Second Life Community Convention, Philip Rosedale–founder of Second Life creator Linden Lab–ambitiously declared, as he often does, that “this is something that everybody on Earth is going to use” and that the virtual world will be “bigger than the Web.”

Tata Interactive Systems in Second Life Online Symposium Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), a world leader in custom e-learning design/ development and organisational performance improvement, has participated in an online (’in-world’) symposium on ‘Creativity in Second Life’ organised by the New Media Consortium (NMC).

If A Car Launches In Second Life, Will Anyone Notice It? Scion, a division of Toyota that sells “trendy” cars targeted at Gen Y in the United States, was one of the earliest companies touting its wares in Second Life.

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