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Second Life News for September 1, 2007

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333 and 666 Exposes Second Life as Illuminati Mind Control Open eyes…or eye - since the symbol of the company behind this is a hand with an eye in the palm, a clear Illuminati linked symbol.

ConceptSL teams up with IGR for the fight against breast cancer Operation ‘Rose For Life’
In a sequel of last year’s operation “100 women for life” which gathered 126 famous women in favor of breast cancer fight, the cancerology Institute, Gustave Roussy, first European research center in cancer research, is launching in October 2007 : “Rose For Life”. This operation is organized to raise awareness about breast cancer, during Pink October, international month for the fight against breast cancer.

[RESOLVED @ 12:13 am PDT] Packet loss under investigation About twenty-five minutes ago, we began experiencing high packet loss between our San Francisco and Dallas collocation facilities. This is impacting both logins for many residents and inter-regional communications within The Grid. We’re working with our own upstream providers to isolate and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

ISTE Second Life Social Last night on ISTE’s Island in Second Life there was a very interesting “social.”

Now I know many people, perhaps educators most of all, are resistant to the very idea of Second Life… the reasons abound! And for the most part can be countered or addressed in one way or another. But that’s not the point of this blog… to argue what’s wrong with Second Life… the point is to dream about what could be so Right about it!

PodCamp UK in Second Life Just taken a flying visit (literally) to the venue in Second Life where you can visit PodCamp UK this weekend.

Live Music in Second Life: Part Two Last week we talked about where to see live music and had some tips on being a good fan. This week we give some tips on performing live in Second Life and for hosting live performers. Just a note, we don’t get into the technical issues of streaming feeds or gear for performers, since that would be way too much to tackle in our short time together.

Do businesses need to get a Second Life? Second Life offers a new market to businesses, but many firms remain unconvinced of its merits.

On paper Second Life’s growth has been phenomenal. With 8.5 million users registered, the vast majority of whom have signed on the last 18 months, the virtual world has grown at a rate comparable with sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

Shopping in Second Life Second Life is no longer only the home to computer nerds and geeks. More then eight million people are taking part of the virtual world, a community that is growing every day. Linden Research developed and launched Second Life in 2003 with its own currency, the Linden Dollar. For one Dollar you can buy 240 Linden Dollar. Everyone can take part in Second Life and be who ever they would like to be. As an inhabitant, also referred to as avatar, you can make your dreams come true and buy as many must-haves of the season of your favorite brands.

In Second Life, PG means “no nipples” Occasionally, the decisions of Linden Lab make you scratch your head. For example, take the decision by Iridium Linden that a huge statue of a naked woman wasn’t allowed in a PG sim because it had nipples.

This simply shows how the catch-all definition of PG in the Second Life terms of service is silly -

“Content, communication, or behavior which involves intense language or expletives, nudity or sexual content, the depiction of sex or violence, or anything else broadly offensive must be contained within private land in areas rated Mature (M). Names of Residents, objects, places and groups are broadly viewable in Second Life directories and on the Second Life website, and must adhere to PG guidelines.”

Metaversed Live #5 - IDV in Second Life On Thursday at 12 noon this week, the Metaversed Live show covered the ID verification debate in front of a live audience in Second Life, and - On the show this week were Navillus Batra, Cybergrrl Oh, Craigster Hax and Susan Reynolds.

Al’s Cannery-Opener I’ve already covered a number of arty places in Second Life in previous posts, but it seems no sooner do I get to one than another one opens. Last night I popped along to the opening of another arty place: The Cannery, the latest sim from those intriguingly creative folks at Rezzable.

Second Life Now ‘Carding’ Minors With New ID Policy Remaining anonymous in the seedier corners of virtual reality will now be a bit more difficult for users of Second Life, which announced Thursday that it would use identity verification technology to ensure appropriate access to “restricted” areas.

Second Life will partner with Washington D.C.-based Aristotle, a firm that specializes in political campaign technology, but also offers an identity solution known as Integrity that verifies personal information against various government databases.

Property and Second Life Benjamin Duranske points to the very interesting Virtual Property Rights Case. Some of this should sound familiar:

…Soon, wealthy avatars were taking the form of “metaverse speculators” buying in bulk, driving up the cost of virtual land and, in some cases, developing it for a tidy profit. The stakes were high and, to some, there seemed to be a bubble forming, mirroring the frothy bull market for real property investment that had taken place offline. Meanwhile, the real world owners of Third Life were becoming wealthier than they had ever dreamed. The incremental cost of strategically creating and introducing additional parcels of virtual land to Third Life was essentially zero, and there were always eager buyers…

Metaverse Friday - Second Life Community Convention The convention was different than many of the professional workshops I attend. SLCC is now just three years old and entirely run by volunteer members of the community and included educators, residents, developers, artists, and businesses all mixing and mingling together. I spent almost all of my time attending the Education track of the conference.
The New Media Consortium posted audio of some presentations and the full set of papers from the education track available on their NMC Campus Observer blog. I wont’ cover in detail here what you can read and see for yourself.

Justin Timberlake plays Second Life Popular sentiment might be turning a bit against virtual world Second Life from San Francisco’s own Linden Labs. But it’s still generating some buzz, with a successful convention in Chicago last week and now some love from the reigning king of pop Justin Timberlake.

Game Play in the Enterprise Second Life (SL) is an extremely powerful environment, with great flexibility and unlimited options. After a team meeting in SL today I had a chance to wander around a shopping area looking for new clothes for my avatar. There were a wealth of things I could buy in SL and in many ways it was a better shopping experience than in real life. Along the way I ran into other avatars and had an opportunity to meet new people, but I didn’t really feel compelled to interact. I’ve also attended scheduled events within SL, for instance a Cisco new product launch. Here I met other people who shared similar interests to me and we had nice discussions about Cisco products or even avatar clothing. However meeting isn’t collaborating. I don’t find Second Life a very satisfying environment for collaborating and this comes down to what is missing in SL. One thing that is missing is Game Play.

Peeking Up the Skirt of Online Sex Work Tonight at Dream Girls the theme is “Best in White.” Five beautiful women in flowing, white dresses dance around me. Since there are no men in this club, they laugh together, planning their outfits for tomorrow’s theme: “Best Topless.” Aside from the labels floating above their heads (“Escort”) or the details of their conversation (“Which skirt would you look better with my nipples?”), it’s impossible to tell that this is a group of online prostitutes. Or that they might not be women.

Creating a New Self on ‘Second Life’ In the virtual, 3-D world known as Second Life, improving the way you look doesn’t require plastic surgery. You can become your ideal self with just a click of a mouse.

Well, several hundred clicks of a mouse. ;)
Op/Ed: Linden Lab’s Weasel Worded Quasi-Assurances Earlier today I received an eMail from Linden Lab – the text is reproduced below the fold. After reading the eMail all I could say was - excuse me? Am I missing something here? It seems to me that remaining anonymous is a much better method of ‘building trust-based relationships’ – as in ‘No, you can’t have my RL details, you’ll just have to trust me’.

‘Trust’ actually flies out the window when your RL details are revealed.

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