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Second Life News for September 2, 2007

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Second Life Geisha Gardens: Get your Geisha On A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting a place in Second Life via Cherry Tokyo called the Geisha House. If you wish to experience a great, culturally subversive build in second life, definitely check this place out. When I teleported in, I was immediately amazed with the build, but what was even better were the costumes, props, and mannerisms of the Geisha who were performing that afternoon. Pre-scripted dances and objects along with seamless avatar control allowed for a wonderful, distracting, enchanting performance.

Science Friday: Ahhh…An Intelligent Second Life Media Discussion Maybe it is the flow of Ira Flatow’s voice, or maybe I’m conditioned to expect the exceptional from his radio show, Science Friday. Either way, it was just refreshing to sit back and listen to the calm and intelligent conversation about Second Life and virtual worlds that Ira gave us yesterday on NPR’s Science Friday show.

Who’s On Top? Do you ever wonder which Second Life-related media are on the top of the charts? Which have the most penetration and are “the most influential”? Is “print media” (i.e. Internet-based websites and PDF newspapers) becoming obsolete like its old-media counterpart? Could machinima TV getting tens of thousands of downloads on YouTube become the new media of the new media of SL?

The most interesting part I thought was her list of avatar names and how many hits they turn up in Google. I guess I may have to start promoting my avatar, Stone Culdesac, so I can get on this list. ;)

Avatar/Author Google Hits

Philip Rosedal/SL 170,000
Anshe Chung 146,000
Nobody Fugazi 97,300
Torley Linden 69,000
Tao Takashi /SL 57,800
Prokofy Neva 55,000
Aimee Weber/SL 46,900
Philip Linden 36,300
Mark Wallace/3D 31,300
Walker Spaight 26,200
Pathfinder Linden 25,600
Akela Talamasca 24,600
Hamlet Au 22,500
Tony Walsh 22,500
Robin Linden 22,300
Stroker Serpentine12,900
Dan Hunter/TN 1,540
Pham Neutra 516

More than Three Thousand Flock to Vassar’s Virtual Sistine Chapel We covered the Sistine Chapel here, Sistine Chapel Re-Creation in Second Life.

Little did Steve Taylor imagine how much interest his digital re-creation of the Sistine Chapel would stir, in the emerging online world known as Second Life. After two months of steadily piecing together the project — an hour here, a couple of hours there — Taylor’s creation went live on Monday, July 2, and at 11:30 that morning he sent an announcement to an international mailing list for educators using Second Life. “By 1:30, there had been 73 visits. By the end of the following day, there had been 420,” said Taylor, director of academic computing services at Vassar College. “It had been described in a number of blogs, and snapshots had been posted at Now eight weeks later, there have been more than 3,000 visits.”

HUD Games in Second Life On todays show we’re going to talk about games. Second Life is a game with a LOT of downtime, and sometimes that can get a little annoying. Lately I’ve been using HUD games to break up the monotony of sitting around and waiting for something to happen, and I’m going to share a couple with you today. HUD is short for heads-up display, and a HUD is any tool that sticks to your computer screen.

Nonprofit Commons in Second Life Launch at Net Tuesday An audio recording from the launch of the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life on August 14th, 2007. Over 100 avatars in Second Life and 60 people in San Francisco gathered to celebrate the Nonprofit Commons’ launch.

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