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Second Life News for September 5, 2007

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MetaCard: The World’s First Virtual World Credit Card We had mentioned a Second Life Debit Card, now, there is going to be a Second Life Credit Card, FirstMeta is launching the MetaCard, which comes in two flavors: Basic and Gold. The Basic card is subject to a avatar check and provides a credit limit of L$5000 ($18.60) per month. A Gold MetaCard offers a credit limit of L$10,000 ($37.20) per month and can only be obtained by providing real world credentials and a real life credit card for automatic payments. Interest is charged at between 0.13% and 0.15% per day, which would we roughly 54% per annum, but compounding. Payments are 2% of the total amount used plus fees outstanding at the end of the month, and users have 21 days to make their monthly payment. MetaCard holders must also spend L$500 ($1.86) per month or face a monthly maintenance fee of L$300 ($1.12).

Introducing the Second Life Grid To date ‘the Grid’ has been used synonymously with Second Life. However, with launch of, Linden Lab is separating Second Life the virtual world (the product) from the Second Life Grid (the technology platform).

Second Life is and will remain focused on Residents, but virtual world technology also has a lot to offer to organizations – educators, enterprises, brands, nonprofits, and others – and the Second Life Grid will enable these organizations to understand and create meaningful 3D immersive experiences.

Virtual Bernanke Guides ‘Second Life’ Just before U.S. financial markets were roiled by a global credit squeeze this summer, an equally dramatic financial crisis threatened “Second Life,” the much-hyped online world.

On July 25, the company controlling “Second Life” announced that it would no longer allow gambling. Economic activity was cut by nearly half as gambling halls shut down.

Second Lifers Gear Up for the First Friday Tech Expo’s monthly technology expo, known as “First Friday” in Second Life, is about to kick into high gear as technologists, inventors, scriptors and gadgeteers meet to demo the most exciting new Second Life technologies of the moment. This month’s show will feature no less than 3 brand new video streaming applications as well as instant messaging and auction tech not yet released to the public.

Navillus Batra of i3D, known for innovation in everything from basic video and image displays to interactive multimedia products for collaboration and conferencing in Second Life will unveil the vHud, a new streaming media device for use in the virtual world.

Second Life Second Hand I have been planning for some time now to explore and write about Second Life, but one thing or another has held me back. For those unfamiliar with it, Second Life is a 3D virtual world, or multi-user virtual environment (M.U.V.E) in which participants literally set up a “second life,” complete with a new, virtual identity, and interact with other users in many of the same ways that people interact in a real world, i.e., buying things, selling things, socializing, teach, learning, and so on (with “and so on” including some of the inevitable shadier sides of the Web).

Cornell Studying Business Regulation in Second Life’s “Wild West” Cornell University is aiming to give grad students the opportunity to explore the financial “wild west” within a completely virtual community. A new course, Professor Robert Bloomfield’s Business and Oversight in Second Life, will use the virtual world to help students study business in the absence of regulation and to examine the issues surrounding all kinds of business transactions — all within Second Life.


Origin Digital Delivers On-Demand Video and Audio Content into Second Life Origin Digital, Inc., a global video applications service provider, today announced that it is the first to deliver on-demand video, audio and user generated content capabilities to support virtual worlds including Second Life. The company allows users in Second Life to integrate rich media content such as streaming video and audio files as well as voice collaboration into their virtual worlds. Second Life is a 3-D virtual world that is rapidly growing and today has nearly 9 million residents around the globe.

The Emergence of Virtual Micronations: The Seventh Sun — News From the Virtual World The September edition of The Seventh Sun, a monthly publication now on its 7th issue, is available at The Seventh Sun Plaza, Second Oasis (239, 154, 21) in Second Life or at The Seventh Sun offers in-depth coverage of significant news events from inside the virtual world of Second Life.

FirstMeta Card - Second Life This has been in the rumor mill for sometime but now appears it has materialized. Singapore based FirstMeta has launched MetaCard, a credit card for Second Life that is claimed to be the world’s first virtual world credit card.

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