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SL-ideas 1st Virtual Meetup

Category: Business, Design, Developing, Discussion, Meet and Greet by Stone Culdesac

What: SL-ideas 1st virtual Meetup

When: Oct 2, 2007 10:00 am - 12:00 pm (Tuesday)

Where: Pinastri Second Life

Tags: Education Jim Gustafson learning Pinastri Second Life

Description: If you talk about something, you can be educated by that (usually), but to do it gives you real success. So we want to do open round table events (most of them open to the public) to cover several topics in business and web-3D topics. We offer this from our group but also invite other people to do it with us together.

Wenn man ueber etwas redet, bildet das idR., aber machen fuehrt weiter. Wir wollen daher zukuenftig in Second Life meistens offene Round Table (und manchmal mehr) zu unterschiedlichen Business und web3D Themenfeldern durchfuehren. Aus unserer Gruppe heraus, mit und fuer andere.

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