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IBM Union Strike in Second Life

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The strike by IBM’s Italian employees is only two days away, so I thought I would check out what they have available for people to use to walk the virtual picket line. They have a complete strike kit available that includes three signs with slogans like “We will not let go until the contract is signed”, “We demand the signing of the contract in Second Life”, “Their profits rise and our performance bonus is sacrificed”, “We deserve our performance bonus agreement”, “IBM unilaterally trashes its agreements with the union”, and “They slash 1000 from our income”. They also have floating fish that float over top of your avatar with similar slogans. They are serious about this strike, it will be taking place from September 17th until September 30th.

They also have a couple free t-shirts, one for the union and one with a strike slogan on it. If nothing else, they are souvenirs of the first strike held in Second Life.

IBM Union Strike t-shirt

During the talks to renew IBM’s Italian internal collective agreement, the works council, supported by the majority of IBM Italy employees, asked for a small salary increase. IBM responded by cancelling their “productive results benefit”, resulting in a loss of €1000 per year for each employee. For a company that wants to lead in corporate social responsibility, this is unacceptable.

RSU (Rappresentenza Sindacale Unitaria) decided to organize the first virtual strike ever in Second Life with the help of UNI (Union Network International). It is time for IBM, a company with one of the highest profits, to share some of the fruits with its workforce. Source: IBM Union Strike

Union Network International

If you feel like joining in and helping them out, you can register here, if you are new to Second Life, they even give you a few tips on how to get around, how to walk, teleport, find stuff on the map, etc. I haven’t been able to find out the strike location on their site yet, so I figure they will be emailing the final location out to the mailing list.

Union Network International

Here are the Strike Kit Instructions, after the break.

Dear Friends,
IBM workers are organizing the first virtual strike in history. It will take place here in Second Life between September 17th and 30th. Everyone is invited to join us in our protest.
Please join our mailing list ( to keep informed. Meanwhile, we are already offering Strike Kits ONLY to be used during the Strike action. For now, you can equip your avatar with the kits and learn to put them on and take them off. We are offering training courses all day on the 12th September and every night at 9PM Italy time, until September 16th open to all.
If you are familiar with Second Life objects and inventories, or cannot be available for the training, you are free to already take a free kit and get ready for the strike. Remember, do not wear the kits before the strike, which will be announced on our mailing list. We will meet here at UNI’s house on Commonwealth Island to begin the activities on The Strike Day.

Installing the Kit:
1. Click on the strike-kit box of your choice (one for each language)
2. Choose “buy” although it will be free of charge. This will add the kit folder to your Inventory
3. When you open your Inventory (bottom right-hand side of your screen) you will find the “IBM Strike Kit - English” under “Objects” (if you selected the English one) with the following content:
- The official T-Shirt
- A number of “Signs - placards” with different slogans
- A number of “Fish” also with various slogans in the file names

You can wear all these items by dragging and dropping them from the Inventory to your Avatar or by right-clicking on them and selecting “Wear”. If you want to remove the items from your Avatar, right-click on them in your Inventory and select “Detach From Yourself”. You can also right-click directly on the elements on your Avatar and select “Detach” – without having to go through your Inventory.
If the t-shirt doesn’t appear properly on your Avatar, you may consider “Detaching” the one you currently are wearing before “Wearing” the new Strike t-shirt.
You can permanently wear the t-shirt but should only choose to “wear” one fish and sign-placard at the same time. Change them from time to time to show the world your different slogans! Manually remove the fish or the sign before “wearing” another one.
In case of problems, simply remove all of the items you are wearing and start over again.

Please follow the instructions of your “IBM strike group leader” before wearing the signs and fish. They are only to be worn during the strike!

We are hoping to see many of you at the strike! Become part of history!

UNI Fish

UNI Strike Sign

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