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Exploring the Northland sim

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Here is the first post, of many I hope, by Aribella Lafleur, roaming the Grid, helping people and more.

In search of adventure, your average intrepid explorer wears sturdy boots and clothes fit for the dusty road. Ever one to break with tradition, I decided to explore in STYLE: and what better way to do so than in a ball gown and stilettos, whilst bedecked in the finest diamonds one can buy in SL?

Northland Sim explorers

The first destination for the impractical Ms. Indiana Jones and her team of non-Tibetan Sherpas was the Northland sim. (Yes, one needs a loyal team of Sherpas to carry one’s Louis Vuitton luggage and Evian bottles). As my mother always used to say… never drink the local water and always take a change of clothes… I’m sure she meant all my clothes and other accoutrements in case of fashion emergencies!

Northland monks

I digress… This land of sculpted wonders was hesitant to reveal itself to our wide, expectant eyes (meaning laggy as a sandbox full of noobs discovering particle spamming). Once our surroundings finally gave way to their intended form, and we overcame our initial awe of the deafening water features, exploration began in earnest…

Northland ball gown

Scrambling over ammonite-filled rocks as they reached out to snag the fine lace hem of my gown, I realized that only in Second Life could one jump off boulders while wearing ridiculous shoes and survive with ankles unscathed!

Northland lava

Flying around picturesque vistas, complete with suspect-looking poseballs, we uncovered mysteries such as upward-flowing waterfalls, towering sculptures of water perched atop mountains, and rivers of molten, bubbling fire. Of course, like children faced with a “do not walk across the grass” sign, we were compelled to wade through the lava and over the glowing red cliffs to tumble into the water on the other side.

More Lava

Through a perilously perched cliff face pavilion and to the depths of the flowing streams we ventured (with a minor pit stop to wash my soiled ball gown), crawling over lichen covered rocks and finally coming to rest by a crackling fire, where we set up camp for the night.

Northland Washing gown

I eagerly await what tomorrow will bring in a new ball gown and another land of as yet untold adventures…..

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