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LSL205: Linden Scripting Language - Scripting: Communications II

Category: Building, Design, Education, Second Life Scripting by Stone Culdesac

What: LSL205: Linden Scripting Language - Scripting: Communications II

When: Sep 25, 2007 10:00 am - 11:30 am (Tuesday)

Where: Rockcliffe I Second Life

Tags: CeAire Decosta Education Rockcliffe I Second Life

Description: Rockcliffe University Instructor: Johanna Hyacinth Location: Classroom C Materials: Included Cost: $0L Duration: 90 min Prerequisites: LSL201 through LSL204

The LSL2xx course is a series of fast-paced lectures covering LSL, the Linden Scripting Language. This course is intended primarily for those with either real-world programming experience, or those who have some experience with scripting in Second Life and who would like to learn more. (Those without such experience are welcome to attend, but we strongly suggest first attending our PGM1xx course in order to learn the basic concepts of computer programming.)

In LSL204, the student will learn about more of the scripting functions used for communicating between objects and avatars, or between objects and other objects. Topics will include:

1. Dialog boxes 2. Link messages 3. HTTP functions

A copy of the PowerPoint slides may be purchased from the RUSLC Bookstore if the student desires; however, these are not required for the class.

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