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Skin Tutorial

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Here is another great post from Natalia Zelmanov, Miss Second Life 2007 and hair creator extraordinaire, this one is a skin tutorial, and she’s not just creating any old skin either, she’s doing a Goth style skin, one that looks like Emily from the Corpse Bride.

Have you seen my husband… Victor?

Heehee…my all time favorite movie is the Corpse Bride. So what better way to start the series on Avatar Skins than to make Emily, the Corpse Bride :)
I get requests for a skin tutorial almost every week. I’ve been avoiding it, cause its really not something I’m good at. But Ill give it a try here just for fun :)
In this Part 1 of the Avatar Skin series, we will work on a Goth-type skin (specifically, the Corpse Bride :D). My goal is to describe all the general steps involved in creating an Avatar Skin. We will create a base set of skin textures and apply it to our avatar. Source: Day 363: Creating Goth Avatar Skin Part 1

Definitely a site worth checking out, lots of great info there.

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