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NCI Class: Dealing with Griefers

Category: Education, Griefers by Stone Culdesac

What: NCI Class: Dealing with Griefers

When: Sep 28, 2007 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm (Friday)

Where: Useful Technology Second Life

Tags: Education NCI Writer Second Life Useful Technology

Description: NCI Class: Dealing with Griefers Instructor: Sally Savard Location: Big Top (Useful Technology) When: Friday, 6pm to 7pm, 1 hour

Sponsored by: Linxter

Second Life is full of wonderful, creative, intelligent, talented people who contribute positively to the content & culture, the economy & ergonomics, the diversity & direction of our world — but if you do happen to encounter one of the sad few whose purpose is to diminish your enjoyment of Second Life, it helps to know how best to deal with the situation and what tools and services Second Life has in place to enable you to do so. This class will cover important tips and tricks for dealing with “griefing” activity in Second Life, including:

  • what “griefers” want and how to thwart them

  • how to use Second Life’s Mute feature
  • how to avoid being orbited/pushed
  • ways to protect yourself on land you/your group owns
  • how and when to file an Abuse Report with Linden Lab

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