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Second Life News for September 26, 2007

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A couple of meetings about Second Life On Wednesday I went to Oxford to speak to staff at ASKe (part of the Business School at Oxford Brookes) about Second Life. I gave them an updated version of my standard “Second Life in 3600 seconds” presentation which actually lasts about 90 minutes in practice, assuming that people are stopping me to ask questions as we go thru. It sounds like a long talk but actually goes very quickly, from my point of view at least, and there are no shortage of things to talk about.

Second Life: Big Avatar on Campus This guy creates an avatar and talks to people and avatars from San Jose State University about Second Life, long distance education and virtual worlds in the future.

The video is here.

The Real Googler Behind MyWorld Who’s the mysterious force behind “My World,” Google’s rumored foray into virtual worlds? Signs point to Google engineering manager Niniane Wang who’s currently leading a “confidential project,” which was thought to be a virtual world back in January.

Avatars Seek Trademark Protection While many may feel a special affinity to their avatars, some want to make it legal. Alyssa LaRoche runs a design studio called Aimee Weber 3D Content Creation, named after her Second Life avatar. Since the avatar and the brand name are connected in the minds of public, she is seeking legal trademark of the avatar itself.

‘Aimee Weber’ ™ Gets USPTO Stamp of Approval for Pigtails, Tutu, Wings, Tights, and Stompy Boots Second Life’s ‘Aimee Weber’ (Alyssa LaRoche) recently became the first avatar with a registered trademark. The application for the registered mark was filed February 18, 2007 approved for publication July 7, and published for opposition August 14. According to ‘Weber,’ no opposition was filed, and she plans to immediately begin using the mark. In a sea of often silly metaverse firsts, this one could well signal a trend. ‘Weber’ runs a respected design studio in-world, has one of the most recognizable avatars in Second Life, and literally wrote the book on Second Life content creation. And now she gets to wear “TM” bling too.

Hottest Second Life Gadgets of 2008 Yes, I’ve used my mystic knowledge of the unseen future* to look into the gadget shops of next year! Here are some of the hottest items of Second Life’s future. :)
UK cancer support group Macmillan launches Second Life fundraiser campaign on Friday This Friday, September 28, the UK-based Macmillan Cancer Support charity will be launching a Second Life version of their “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” fundraiser, that has to date raised more than $13.5 million to support people affected by cancer.


Travel Agents to get Virtual Training The Italian cruise operator will use the virtual world, Second Life, to conduct online classes, presentations and press conferences.

The company’s ship, Costa Serena, was launched along with a cruise terminal in Second Life in May. It now has a room within it that will serve as a virtual classroom.

A SECOND LIFE FOR LAWYERS? By day, Dani Lemon is an associate in the Vancouver office of Davis LLP who is working hard to make her mark as an intellectual property litigator after a year at the firm. On Second Life, the popular Internet site that has built a virtual world for nine million global residents, the lawyer is the sexy avatar Lemon Darcy, who sashays through the corridors of the Web world dispensing legal advice about Internet privacy and video game laws.

British military in Second Life We talk to Bad CO, a serving officer in the British Army, who administers the unofficial community website along with Good CO, a former infantry officer.

The unofficial ‘British Army Rumor Service’ (ARRSE) website with an approx 30, 000 users started in January 2002. Its 3-D virtual on-line community project through Second Life (2L) began in February 2007, and is run by three site users.

Nippon Television Network Will Air Second Life Talk Show Nippon Television Network Corp. announced that it would be airing a show filmed entirely in Second Life. The show, which begins next Wednesday, sounds like it has a talk show format with hosts and guests appearing as avatars. It’s hard to tell from the Google translation, but there’s a mention of user-generated content and what sounds like reporters kits being handed out to interested parties to contribute to the show.

September 07 - Highlights for SL and Education (Mostly) Well, I have been posting a little less frequently about SL the past few weeks because of the start-up of the new school year. I went into SL yesterday for the first time in about 2 weeks and downloaded the new updates. However, I could not find any friends online to try the voice features out with. I will have to go back on Sunday night when it seems to be Educator Central in SL. :-)
VIDEO: Real-time aviation data shown in virtual world Second Life This video demonstrates that you can see aircraft as small models in virtual world Second Life technology, flying around Los Angeles airspace.

Posted to Technology Videos by eubeenhadd on September 26, 2007

Virtual first as Cambridge logs on to a life less ordinary A professor of geography will make his own small piece of history this week when he gives what is thought to be the first lecture by a Cambridge University academic in a virtual world. Professor Philip Gibbard, from the Department of Geography, will speak for half an hour to an audience he himself cannot see using the 3D internet world, Second Life.

Looking at Alternative Second Life Viewers Since Linden Lab released the source code to the Second Life viewer, many people have been working through it looking for ways to make things better. In addition to helping the company troubleshoot a great many bugs, coders have been creating customized versions of the viewer for some time now.

Second Life: Return of the British Knights? On Thursday, Sep. 27th 2007, there will be the long awaited next race on MyControl Speedway in the Open Class Category.

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