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Second Life News for September 27, 2007

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7 Reasons Why Second Life Should Matter For Biz Executives So, the brief answer: In a rapidly growing market of online world users, it’s the most successful example of an embodied, dynamically collaborative content creation platform that’s personally and economically transformative, and scalable to the entire world.

SAP TechEd meet Second Life and Business KPI’s Not sure if you caught it but Nadim just announced the session he is doing at the Las Vegas SAP TechEd funny thing is though he’s not actually going to be in Las Vegas.

Rules for Blogs and Corporate Communications Many people bash Linden Lab for their silly blog posts trailing 100 comments (before they’re cut off at that mark) without Linden response — it’s earned the page the nickname “The Blob”. And the ill-advised closing of the official forum in September 2005 — and the arbitrary suspensions and permabans issued before that which only helped spawn the malicious and spiteful Second Citizen (now closed, too) — only undermine the Lab’s reputation as an open community and damage the community’s interests.

Things To Do Group and the Best of Second Life A few weeks back, a group called Best of Second Life crossed the Metaversed radar. What made them interesting, was that they were doing an extremely similar thing to our Things To Do group, ie. posting landmarks to cool and interesting places in Second Life. Rather than view each other as competition, Jenn Hienrichs and I talked about ways in which the two groups could work together.

American Library Association in Second Life
“The American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) is pleased to announce Banned Books Week activities for librarians and the general public in virtual worlds Second Life, Teen Second Life and on social networking sites MySpace and Facebook. ALA is working with other library partners to provide an interactive experience centered on Banned Books Week, September 29-October 6, 2007, to help librarians and others to feel comfortable in social networking spaces and to reach out to new audiences.

A Student’s View of Second Life Some librarians are excited by the prospect of Second Life. I don’t have any strong opinions about it. I’ve been on a few times, played around with my avatar trying to make it look like me except handsome, and watched other neophytes run into obstacles because they couldn’t navigate very well. I can never find any islands with many people on them, but perhaps it’s because I don’t go in for virtual shopping or virtual sex.

Subdued Virtual World for Japan Orderly, pornography-free and safe for children, “meet-me,” an online interactive virtual Tokyo, is Japan’s answer to “Second Life.” Or so its creators hope.

Kunimasa Hamaoka, who oversees “meet-me” at digital marketing company Transcosmos Inc., is banking on the cultural differences between Japanese and Americans to compete against the world’s top virtual community.

Armani Sets Up Shop In Second Life? Armani?! When virtual worlds – Second Life, in particular – first went online, there was considerable buzz built around the newly established market. Their dimensions were fresh with intrigue and interesting possibilities, and, well, lots of people ran with those ideas. In the months following its launch, Second Life took off in a big way. Later, however, after all the bubble wrap was removed and all users took to their own personal roles, so to speak, things kind of grew stagnant. Today, things in the Web’s largest virtual world aren’t so “huge” in an attention-grabbing way as they once were. The buzz, in short, has died.

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