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Second Life News for September 28, 2007

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Keytrade Bank Ventures Into Second Life Although the debate about the usefulness of enterprises setting up operations in Second Life is far from over - some love to hate it, others love to love it - I have a feeling there’s ever less buzz about the virtual world. Google Trends concurs with that statement, although I’d argue this says little about the potential of Second Life in general.

BBC’s Second Life island for ‘Internationalists’
Chris Forrester
BBC World, the commercial overseas news channel of the BBC, kicked off a new ad-campaign in London on September 26, targeting “Internationalists”.

Revealing Identities Second Life is a place where you go to live out fantasies. The virtual world lets you pick your body shape, eye color, age and gender. But now Second Life wants to know the real you.

Second Life Map API goes missing You may not have used Second Life’s Map API. I know I didn’t frequently, though I’d just started using it for a project yesterday. Today? It’s gone, without any apparent warning - I noticed a few minutes ago when I sat down to continue yesterday’s work.

Commentary: Second Life’s Terms of Service Stifle Innovation by Making Patents Worthless In-World I recently zeroed in on a clause in Second Life’s Terms of Service which, if enforced, renders all patents — even pre-existing ones — functionally worthless against Second Life infringers.

Neato Mulligan’s: Dance Edition Once upon a time in a vast world called The Asset Server there were ways to make avatars move. These limited, though still entertaining animations were used widely by SL residents. Noobs and Oldies alike all danced in similar fashion without a care in the world. We even jump-kicked around like a Redneck Lord of the Dance. No one could escape the call of rating parties while dancing, chatting, and passing out random things to one another.

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