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Second Life News for September 29, 2007

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Second Life login process to change Sabin Linden informs us that the login process for the viewer is going to change to address anti-fraud and other security issues. Essentially, you’re not going to be logging in through the viewer anymore.

Instead, logins will be processed through the Second Life website, and the browser launched from there with a custom, secure token included in a secondlife:/// link. The token is valid for five minutes.

Presidential Hopefuls Doubt Usefulness of Campaigning in Second Life It seems that virtual town hall meetings and campaign offices in Second Life are no longer as en vogue as they once were.

At a new media forum sponsored by Politico and Waggener Edstrom, strategists for Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, Rudy Guiliani, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama discussed various types of “e-strategy,” agreeing that web-based tactics are vital to modern campaigns, but doubting the efficacy of campaigning in Second Life.

Don’t Believe In Google’s ‘My World’ Everybody’s talking about Google’s secret “My World” project, a cross between the virtual environment Second Life, and the social network Facebook.

Like Second Life, “My World” would let you create a cute, cartoonish avatar version of yourself, build and furnish a virtual home, play games, see the avatars of and chat with friends, and see lots of virtual advertising. But instead of a fictional virtual space, “My World” would use the real world – via Google Earth.

Questions About VAT? Second Life has been growing exponentially in Europe over the past six months. We consulted with a number of highly-qualified tax advisors, and the bottom line is that we must charge VAT to EU residents in order to comply with EU tax regulations. Here is one article among many that discusses our scenario. We’re sensitive to Residents’ opinions and regret that some of you are surprised, but we have no choice other than to comply with applicable laws.

Rolling Restart - Monday Oct 1st The rolling restart previously mentioned on the blog has been postponed to Monday, October 1st. Due to the series of issues over the last few days (1, 2, 3, 4), we want to wait until the service is in a stable state before we make any sweeping changes.

Havok4 Is Here On The Beta Grid! It is time to announce the beta testing of “the project you thought would never ever get finished” - one that has been far more complex than we expected. Of course, I’m talking about the long-awaited upgrade of the Second Life physics engine to Havok2… which is now Havok4! The Havok physics engine provides the core algorithms for collisions and rigid body dynamics - anything that pushes, collides or tumbles in-world.

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