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Quest For The Burning Man

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We finally arrived at Burning Life 2007, at the end of a lengthy and exhausting journey. After such a difficult passage I was satisfied with the acceptable loss of only one Sherpa (the singed patches on the back of the bear notwithstanding…). However, following a strenuous recruitment drive, I found myself with ample untrained yet willing vassals. My new followers settled at my feet for a brief training session, although I feared their grasp of concepts such as “stay close by” and “don’t put everything you see in your mouth” was sorely lacking…

Training the Sherpa

On arrival at the information pavilion, my troop of luggage bearers scattered in all directions, as if a puffball had released its spores. Unfortunately, I had not checked credentials of my new porters, and I found my load of luggage lightened dramatically as they happily sold off my designer dresses to the unwashed masses teeming through the festival grounds.


A futile attempt at chasing a shifty-looking cloaked man who ran off with one of my suitcases left me breathless, but still empty-handed….

Bl Burning Man

With a lightened load, my remaining Sherpas and I headed out to explore the bright, pulsating, surreal experience of Burning Life. Our first encounter was with a bulging-eyed pink alien creature which, on closer inspection, tried to devour us. Caught by a giant tongue and dragged slowly into its gaping maw, I wondered if I had left the oven on….

Tongue Sitters

Narrowly escaping, thanks to the efforts of one of my loyal minions, we raced out, our lungs heaving as saliva dripped from our shaking limbs. Finding a convenient cow on which to rest my trembling legs, I sat, only to have the new Sherpa crew pile on top, as if going for an overcrowded bus ride. The sight of a huge plumber’s crack impairing my vision of the world forced me to hurriedly dismount. Feeling sorry for the poor, strained cow I urged the undisciplined rabble (having totally lost control of them) to move onward to see more of the festival.

Cow Stack

We passed many wonders, but the colourful and beguiling fronds of some strange new form of flora allured and snared me. Rescued yet again by a loyal vassal with a cutlass, I was transported to the brig of a land-locked pirate ship where my Sherpas ran wild and began firing off canons.

Ari Trapped

Pirate Ship

Rudely manhandled out of the brig I was thrown off the ship’s stern as my crew reverted to their savage pirate origins. I wandered aimlessly through the desert, glancing suspiciously at a giant flying hotdog, complete with condiments…..

Joining my not-so-loyal Sherpas in the petal cup of an enormous sunflower I was regaled with their tales of other colossal monstrosities such as dominoes big enough to flatten an unsuspecting avatar and catapults which flung them across the desert. I looked out amongst the feathery clouds and wondered how I was going to make my way down the gigantic stem of this floral mutant.


With grazed knees and skinned palms I reached the ground, where one of my shiftier porters had already appropriated a vehicle. Unfortunately, her procurement skills far outweighed her driving abilities and we traveled around as if guided by a blind driver with a death wish. Horrific grinding noises emanated from deep within the engine as she drove by feel. A niggling sensation dawned on me that I was about to become a crash test dummy in a Volvo commercial…

Car Crash

My fear grew as I had no escape: my skirt was trapped in the door, and I was strapped in with a glitchy seatbelt. I braced in the crash position, and was prepared for the inevitable… The beaten vehicle finally gave up at a simline, and overturned to demonstrate its total lack of enthusiasm.

We pitched our tents beside a giant lilac coloured dome and settled down for the evening to rest in preparation for more exploration on the morrow.

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