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Second Life News for October 6, 2007

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“VAT are you talking about?” Many European Residents have asked for clarification about VAT (Value Added Tax) in Second Life and how it impacts them. While each case may be different, I’ve tried to answer the questions in the Knowledge Base and to make it easier, I’ve also attached the VAT FAQ here.

Local Ad (the Office episode) Check out this wikipedia entry for an upcoming episode of the Office, apparently Dwight will go inworld on the episode. I bet this will be more entertaining than the Law & Order SVU episode Avatar, for some reason I can see Dwight ending up in a S&M sim with Angela Martin, his love interest, beating him severely.

Second Grade Math Over the past 4 years, there have been many thousands of news articles and analyst reports about Second Life. Some of these have included incomplete facts, questionable assumptions, or odd comparisons, but we at Linden Lab do our best to take all of it in good humor. We live in a fast-paced world of constant information and change, and we know that even the best-intentioned people can put out results before understanding the facts. Hey, we should know - some might say that we ourselves put out product that isn’t always fully baked.

Second Life allows educators to interact with students through virtual world as program’s popularity rises across academia After a brief lecture, Beliveau disappeared with a whirl of white dots and said he would “grab” the students when he reappeared in an alternate location. These alternate locations included the U.K.’s Education Island, Diegoland - which resembles San Diego - and Silicon Island, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama’s former headquarters.

Obviously, this is not real life. This is Second Life.

Educators Are Split About the Viability of Second Life What is the future of Second Life? It’s a question that many technologists are asking themselves as the virtual world gains popularity and new online 3D environments enter the marketplace.

Insurer Dips Toe Into Virtual World If people dread thinking about insurance in the real world, will they go for it in a fun, virtual world?

Assicurazioni Generali SpA hopes to find out when it opens Generali Virtual, an island in the online world Second Life. The launch today is a surprising marketing approach for a 176-year-old insurer that, in the real world, owns marquee assets including property on Venice’s iconic St. Mark’s Square.

Google’s Second Life/Home Project Out This Year? There’s been whispers here and there before, but those were a while ago and nothing came of them. Now though, more whispers. New whispers (OK, a week or so old, but its news to me). Whispering about Google, and how they might be about ready to kick off an online community…gaming…advertising…thing.

Fictional Characters Get Virtual Lives, Too The lead detective on the hit CBS series “CSI: NY,” Mac Taylor, is a pretty conventional television hero: like his colleagues on the two other “CSI” franchises, he uses science to follow the evidence and catch the bad guys.

But in the episode for Oct. 24, Taylor, played by Gary Sinise, finds himself entering the computer-based virtual world known as Second Life, walking (and sometimes flying) around three-dimensional, animated Manhattan landmarks, recreated by a technique called machinima, and pursuing not a suspect but an avatar.

More on Second Life and the Fight over at Digital Recruiting After my post on TMP’s Recruitment fair on Second Life I received a Press Release from Tania with a heads up on their launch, as it is quite detailed I have posted it below FYI.

What did catch my eye, was while I was commentating on the fight between Monster and Michele, it also kicked off at Digital Recruiting with one of their commentator’s, and you can follow it here!

Electrolux Enters Second Life in a Really Innovative Way Sometimes it can be tricky for a company to figure out exactly how to enter Second Life. A few have tried and struggled with setting up a storefront that mimics their real life presence, only to find that users in Second Life had a completely different set of needs and expectations. For international electronic appliance company Electrolux, the challenge was even more unique. Electrolux is a company that sells items like washing machines and vacuum cleaners. Useful in real life, but not so in a Second one.

Drupal and Second Life Aldon Hynes wrote of Drupal and Second Life, and I felt the need to add a few things to his post.

The first thing that I wanted to add was that Second Life itself could be seen as a content management system, since it does allow content to be organized in many different ways within a 3 dimensional environment. I would not say that, as a content management system, it is more efficient than two dimensional systems such as Drupal or Joomla - far from it. But, as Aldon alludes to, Second Life itself can leverage existing content management system technologies which it inherits with the internet. In English: Connecting a content management system to Second Life can allow for many benefits.

Second Life Sketches - If By Sea As an afterthought to last week: ever sailed a boat in Second Life? I used to do it all the time from one of my previous bases inworld, a bay on the mainland. The only drawback was that the bay was close to a four-sim junction, and so taking the wrong course off the harbor would lead you right to the point where all four sims met. Which is just disastrous, particularly on older parts of the mainland.

ROKURO Pro -Scrupted Prim Previewer and Editor ROKURO Pro displays Scrupted Prim and texture of second life, before they are upload.
And a sculpted Prim can be edited in the three modes(ROKURO/TOKOROTEN/MAGE).The three modes can be combined and used. Furthermore, ROKURO Pro can correct a cordinate for every control point(Bitmap mode).
ROKURO mode makes makes a solid of revolution. TOKOROTEN mode makes a pushed-out object.

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