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Top Sites in Second Life

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Here is a post from New World Notes that talks about some of the actual popular places in Second Life, the ones that aren’t using camping and other ways to suck in traffic, just honest to goodness busy sims. I will be checking some of them out in the coming days to let you know if they are worth visiting or not. I noticed a couple looked like bondage sims, and some of the stuff I have heard about some of them is really nasty.

After launching my search for SL’s True Communities (i.e., without camping chairs or excessive freebie giveaways), I asked Tateru Nino to apply the same head counting methodology she uses to track visits to real world corporate sites. Here’s her top twenty for last week:

NORSIM MultiSIM (Goth RPG) Traffic: 43,646.
Nude Island (Mature Social) Traffic: 29,198
Avilion Grove (Fantasy Role-playing) Traffic: 26,578.
Phat Cat’s Jazzy Blue Lounge (PG Social/Shopping) Traffic: 23,220.
Heavenly Rose Gardens (PG Social) Traffic: 15,154.
Hedonistic Isle (Mature Social) Traffic: 15,120.
Midian City (Goth RPG) Traffic: 14,986.
Bound and Determined (BDSM Social) Traffic: 14,818.
Blackheart’s Cafe (PG Social) Traffic: 14,717.
Independent State of Caledon (Steampunk Role-playing) Traffic: 13,608.
Laguna Nude Beach (Mature Social) Traffic: 13,406.
Bare Rose (Asian Role-playing/Shopping) Traffic: 13,205.
City of Lost Angels (Goth RPG) Traffic: 13,152.
Capture Role-play HQ (BDSM Role-playing) Traffic: 13,104.
Lost Gardens of Apollo (PG Social) Traffic: 12,936.
New Citizens Incorporated (Education/ Social) Traffic: 11,808.
Toxian City (Goth RPG) Traffic: 10,901.
Icedragon’s Playpen (Casual Gaming/ Social) Traffic: 8,803.
Isle of Lesbos (Mature Social) Traffic: 8,232.
The Shelter (Education/Social) Traffic: 8,220.

In fact, the only regular overlap between this New World Notes chart and the Linden chart is Phat Cat’s, and this week, Nude Island. (Which despite what the name suggests, actually seems to be more of a beach-themed casual social area, than a 24/7 naked orgy. Least the couple times I’ve visited.) For that matter, there are far more PG-oriented communities with an emphasis on socializing (The Shelter, Ice Dragon’s, New Citizens, Lost Gardens, Blackheart’s, Heavenly Rose, Phat Cat’s) than Mature-rated sites with an arguable focus on sex (Nude Island, Hedonistic, Bound, Laguna, Capture, Lesbos.) Seven to six. Source: NWN’s True Community Search: NORSim dominates the Top 20 Sites for week ending September 30

I wouldn’t say one more PG sim is “far more” than the mature sims, but you should check out Tateru Nino’s blog for more mixed reality headcounts, and check out her postings on Second Life Insider.

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