Oct 9

Architectural Wonders - Using Google to Create a Virtual World

Category: Virtual Worlds by Stone Culdesac

The Multiverse Network is announcing a partnership today that will allow you to create a virtual world using Google Earth and Google’s 3D Warehouse, a repository of 3D models created using tools like Google Sketchup. So, say if a city has 3D models built of it’s buildings, you could create a virtual world from them, almost instantly using this new technology. They are planning on showing Architectural Wonders at the Virtual Worlds conference tomorrow in San Jose, California.

“The goal is to grab things from the 3D Warehouse when looking at things in Google Earth and then make an instant multiverse world,” said Multiverse co-founder Corey Bridges. “What we’ve done is provide a more streamlined interface for using (Google’s technology) as a virtual-world production tool.”

For Paffendorf, one of the most vocal proponents of a 3D massively multiplayer environment based on Google Earth and SketchUp information, Multiverse’s innovation is nothing short of groundbreaking.

He said he’s particularly excited and hopeful that the Architectural Wonders project will allow virtual-world designers to incorporate not just models and terrain from Google Earth, but also much of the metadata that makes it so powerful: the personal notations and photographs that millions of users have added to it. Source: Google tools to power virtual worlds

The thing that caught my eye was the fact that one server could support thousands of users, so, you could almost instantly create a virtual world that would support many users. I hesitate to compare it to Second Life and the fact that most sims can’t support even 100 avatars until I see it for myself, as I don’t want to compare apples to oranges, but this sounds very interesting indeed.

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