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Second Life News for October 10, 2007

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Residents Speak: DJ Nexeus Fatale If one thing has been made clear over the four years since Second Life launched, it’s that residents like music. And they like music at events.

Aeron chairs in ‘Second Life’ rights showdown If you’ve ever sat in an Aeron chair, you know what real office comfort can be like. Plus, they’re just great-looking pieces of furniture.

That’s true whether you’re talking about a real-life Aeron or an Aeron in the virtual world Second Life, where there are plenty of copycat chairs available for sale at reasonable prices.

World Premiere: Second Life Machinima Trailer to Promote a Book My wife is launching her first book this week, “Les Naufragés de Chélon”. It’s an adventure book (in French) targeted to 9-12 year-olds. She has an editor that’s progressive enough to allow us to experiment with the launch strategy and we’ve decided we would try using some of the Web’s social tools to promote it.

Virtual Worlds Provide Insights Into Real Life Problems While we’ve heard quite a bit already about virtual worlds such as Second Life providing hope and encouragement to those with debilitating physical and emotional problems, a host of other health-related organizations are finding useful applications for virtual worlds. An article in the Washington Post highlights some of the more impressive applications organizations are finding for virtual worlds.

What happens when Second Life starts counting? Amidst all the hype about Second Life, one thing, above all, has been troubling: A lack of transparency about the service’s real usage. Some are now trying to address that problem — but it’s not clear that a solution is really in their best interest. Second Life marketing firm Clear Ink has released an avatar-tracking tool, Slogbase that, like Web-analytics software, promises to log who visits the virtual world’s islands, what they interact with, and how long they stay.

Nanotechnology Island in Second Life - example of what Virtual Worlds is good for Since I’ve been working with Analytics for Second Life (V-Tracker) along with working on Strategy on Virtual World Measurement (and seeing what works and what doesn’t - and how to improve what doesn’t work so well) I like it when I see an application in Second Life that looks like it’s using Virtual Worlds in a successful way for community building.

Google Going Second Life, Second Life Gets Encryption We knew this was coming since CIA backed In-Q-Tel sold Sketchup to Google…along with Google Earth formerly, known as Keyhole- I think. Never can keep up on that sector. Don’t act surprised- it is plain sight folks.

Google Going Grid?

ESC Unveils New Viewer for Second Life Our goal is to simplify the user experience for a more mainstream audience, and we are launching this new viewer as part of the upcoming CSI:NY project with CBS. We have changed the overall look and menu structures, and moved closer to a Web browser-like model with things like teleport history and a “Back” button. We’ve also made Web browsing much more seamless within the Viewer, and with that comes easier access to OnRez services like Shop and Search (launching with later this month with the CSI project).

Virtual world’s like Second Life brewing lawsuits and disputes With virtual world’s forming into the next big thing on the horizon, the real world is starting to play catch up. Traffic stats are increasing and the money pouring into virtual worlds is starting to translate into real world money that cannot be ignored. Just recently a report was released by Screencast.com, a business research and intelligence gathering company, that listed subscription sales for online virtual worlds rising to $526,000,000 in the US market in 2006 alone.

Virtual world allows for educational opportunities A computer program called Second Life provides educators with unique opportunities to connect with students in a virtual landscape. Now the UA is jumping in.

Second Life is a three-dimensional virtual world in which users are represented by characters of their own design called avatars. The avatars can meet and socialize in a 30-square-mile virtual world.

Second Life: Distance Learning, Avatars and the Virtual Campus of SJSU School of Library and Information Science Last month, I posted a link to the video entitled “Knowville 3D Second Life” created by SL Greylin Fairweather, in real-life a graduate student at San Jose State University School of Library & Information Science. Greylin told me then about the planned visit by KQED, the PBS station in San Francisco, to interview San Jose State University School of Library & Information Sciences faculty and students about their use of distant learning through a virtual campus on Second Life, a 16-acre island purchased by the SLIS faculty in 2005.

Second Life: Now with Streambase StreamBase, the leading provider of high-performance Complex Event Processing (CEP) software, today announced that Linden Lab, the developer of the 3D virtual world Second Life, has selected its Event Processing Platform to rapidly build real-time systems that can analyze and act on the massive volume of real-time streaming data generated throughout the Second Life Grid.

“We’ve invested in StreamBase to help our operations team support the increasing infrastructure demands of Second Life,” said Marius Moscovici, Director of Data Warehousing. “We are excited about working with StreamBase to build these new capabilities as well as to improve our data warehousing extraction, transformation and load processing times.”

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