Oct 11

Second Life News for October 11, 2007

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New ‘Second Life’ viewer adopted by CBS’ ‘CSI’ The Virtual World conference got off to a quick start this morning when The Electric Sheep Company, a leading developer of corporate projects in Second Life, announced that it has released a new viewer for the popular digital 3D social environment.

6 Things That Second Life and Facebook Have in Common As you may (or may not) know, I am in the heart of the valley all week attending two conferences. The first one was Graphing Social Patterns, and I am currently at Virtual Worlds 2007.

Second Life and Gaming Poll Results I don’t claim to be a researcher, nor can I claim that the results of polls conducted on this site are in the least bit statistically significant. But I am interested in the responses I’ve been getting.

Last week, I asked “Have you ever been in Second Life?” There were 20 responses.

The Serious Side of Second Life! What can I say? My readers have certain expectations!

Poor Sarah and Kate have been waiting patiently for me to inform them how Second Life can be use for educational purposes for serious learning and I have been busy behaving like a “blank?” in Second Life. Those that have seen me in action in Second Life in the past week please feel free to fill in the blank on their thoughts on my appropriate/inappropriate behaviour!

CSI Creator Announces Details of Oct. 24 Second Life Episode The hit CBS show CSI:NY will bring murder to the hit virtual world, Second Life, on Oct. 24, CSI creator Anthony Zuiker announced today at the Virtual Worlds conference in San Jose.

Halloween Goes Virtual in Second Life Werewolves, witches, vampires… it’s that season again. And while Halloween may be a time for getting frightened by encounters with these ghoulish creatures in real life, now the tradition has made its way into the virtual world as well.

Havok4 Beta Preview Refreshed - New Office Hours And New Things To Test! The Havok4 Beta Preview has been refreshed with new things for you to test! Thanks for your help. Your participation has helped to find and resolve many important issues.

Bug, exploit, feature Every MMO/NGO/VW has bugs. Every patch, every update for every one of them brings a slew of fresh bugs, glitches, imbalances and lost property. Dealing with those bugs, glitches and whatnot can be a pain in the ass quite frankly, but in Second Life, we’re not just dealing with peoples’ fun. We’re also dealing with their revenue.

Linden Lab and IBM Collaboration on Virtual Standards With virtual worlds now firmly embedded in popular culture, the virtual landscape may seem like an archipelago with Second Life, There, Active Worlds, Doppelganger, Multiverse, Kaneva, and many more. Sailing between these isolated little islands is possible, but the voyage is daunting.

The “Nicholaz Edition” of the Second Life Viewer Again a new release. There is one more crash fixed, but the main change is that Bleeding Edge should now also be independent from the Linden mandatory updates. As always have a look at the change log has all the details (it should especially be helpful for users who are new to my viewers, see the bottom of the file).


Virtual World Second Life to Open for Koreans Linden Lab, the developer of virtual world Second Life, has signed a deal making the Korean online game company T-entertainment to provide its services in Korea. This month, the virtual world developer plans to launch new Second Life services tailored for Korean netizens. The firm offers a web-based virtual environment made largely of 3D graphics where netizens’ avatars lead their second lives, trading virtual land, shopping and going about their routines. IBM already holds staff meetings in the virtual world.

“CSI” gets a Second Life with integrated episodes “CSI” creator Anthony Zuiker dropped some clues to an upcoming Second Life integration with his CBS series in his address here Wednesday at the Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo.

Universal avatars bestride worlds A virtual character, or avatar, for all the virtual worlds in which people play is the goal of a joint project between IBM and Linden Lab.
The computer giant and the creator of Second Life are working on universal avatars that can travel between worlds.

Twitter + Second Life = Spontaneous Web Meetspace We’ve been rather harsh in our coverage of Second Life in the past, the sad truth being that this year Second Life has provided a range of tabloid fodder that we’ve seen fit to print.

Focus: virtual accountants Now, another of these technologies-come-zeitgeists is on the way ­ virtual worlds such as Second Life, Whyville and ActiveWorlds. The most popular of these ­ Second Life ­ ‘is a disruptive technology on the level of the personal computer or the internet’ according to celebrated hi-tech guru Mitch Kapor, founder of Lotus 1-2-3.

Second Life: The Elephant in the Room For businesses contemplating getting their feet wet in virtual worlds, the appearance of new virtual worlds rivalling Second Life matters, both for gaining more flexibility for their own needs, and ensuring that competition drives not only further innovation but better stability, quality assurance, and customer service.

The newest of the Liaison Specialists Patch Linden and Kosmo Linden have joined our Concierge team. Trinity Linden is working with our Governance team. Last but not least Kate Linden joins up with our IWorld team. They are scattered across the US and Australia which will add to building up our availability in the various support groups.

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