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Second Life News for October 12, 2007

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A Second Life for Academics Planning on building a campus in Second Life for your university? Make sure your calendar’s open. Building an island for the University of New Orleans took “more time than I ever expected,” said Merrill L. Johnson, associate dean of the university’s College of Liberal Arts, in a Chronicle chat this afternoon.

Internet Librarian International & Second Life Somehow Second life was mentioned very often at the ILI2007 in London and it was not just during my co-presentation with Kitty Pope & Barbara Galik. Even Stephen Abram talked about it a lot, because he thinks it is definitely part of web 2.0 and partly because SirsiDynix sponsors a couple of island for the SL Library project.

‘Electric Sheep’ Improve ‘Second Life’ Interface The Electric Sheep Company, a large third-party developer of virtual-world products and services will soon launch its own window into the world of Second Life. The pending client software (known as a “viewer”) has been commercially licensed by Second Life maker/maintainer Linden Lab, according to an official press release.

Oasis use Second Life to push music DVD Oasis are set to use Second Life to promote their new DVD, Lord Don’t Slow Me Down.

The DVD, a rockumentary about the band’s 2005 “Don’t believe the truth” world tour, will preview in the virtual world.

Throughout October, visitors to the band’s Second Life space are being allowed to watch the DVD trailer as they browse around the gallery, pick up free goodies such as a virtual t-shirt and coffee table book.

The Kucinich Campaign Stumbles Into Second Life It’s hard to say anything bad about Dennis Kucinich. It has been scientifically proven that he’s the one presidential candidate that Americans agree with on nearly every major issue. And then there’s his wife, Elizabeth. If he’s good enough for her, he’s good enough for America. Still, I have my doubts about where the Kucinich campaign is headed with its recent move into Second Life.

Omnicom Takes Stake in Second Life Shop Omnicom Group said it has made an investment in Millions of Us, a San Francisco-based shop that specializes in building destinations in virtual environments like Second Life.

Brain-computer interface for Second Life While recent developments in brain-computer interface (BCI) technology have given humans the power to mentally control computers, nobody has used the technology in conjunction with the Second Life online virtual world — until now.

Second Life as a Platform for Virtual Meetings and Distance Learning Programs Next month I’m participating in a ‘fireside chat’ on the future of education with a group of leading thinkers on the subject from around the world — in Second Life. We’ll all be there, represented by our avatars, sitting on a beach in this virtual world, warming ourselves by the bonfire, stretching our legs, having a drink, going for a walk among the palms, and chatting both in our real voices and by a displayed IM thread. The chat will be broadcast to others who don’t have avatars (so they can’t be present ‘in person’), and it will be recorded as a vlogcast.


In Second Life, there is even talk of suicide Second Life includes just about everything, so it shouldn’t have surprised me to encounter a group of avatars chatting about committing suicide.

Movable Life is a movable ‘Second Life’ feast Not long afterward, I ran into another friend, the also super-connected virtual worlds expert Eric Rice and asked him the same question. He pointed me to a technology called Movable Life, which he proudly said allowed him to run Second Life on his iPhone.

Tech titans seek virtual world interoperability Get ready to hop your avatar onto a hoverboard and fly seamlessly between Second Life and There.com. To buy armor or gold pieces in World of Warcraft or EverQuest II with actual dollars or euros. Or to pack up your 3D models from a Multiverse virtual world and take it with you to Gaia Online.

The Risk of Doing Business in Beta On the Virtual Worlds Podcast this week we mentioned the rolling restart that updated a part of the Linden Scripting Language, the code that makes much of Second Life work. The update removed a feature, or fixed a bug, depending on your perspective. Chaos broke out accross the grid.

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