Oct 13

Space, the Second Life Frontier

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Just visited a pretty cool sim, Space on Euclidia, a representation of the planets in our Solar System, it certainly doesn’t have the typical layout. Everything is inside this planet.

Space the outside

The initial teleport takes you to a platform floating outside the Earth, with this big cube above it and a ring circling it.

Space the Earth

From the platform, you can walk to the Earth and into it and you will see all the planets on the inside, and it looks like you are inside the Sun.

Inside the Earth

Deep inside the Earth

Another shot inside the Earth

When you get there, right click on the moon and click teleport. You end up inside the moon with some shots of the moon walk from the sixties, if you click on the picture it will change to another shot.

Space the moon shot

You’ll end up inside the Earth on a platform, and when you walk out you will see all the planets and moons. Clicking on most of the planets will get you a dialog box asking if you want to go to Wikipedia page for that planet or moon.

This is definitely worth taking a look at, you’re supposed to be able to interact and move the planets around, but I forgot to try it out, and I may not have went in the proper order when getting here and going through the sim, but, it’s worth look at, even if you don’t learn a lot while there, they at least link to some good resources so you can. ;)
Another Earth shot

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