Oct 15

How to create a wishing well in Second Life

Category: Building, Design, Textures by Stone Culdesac

^ASL^ Wishing Well

When: Oct 15, 2007 9:00 am - 10:00 am (Monday)

Where: Eson Second Life

Tags: Education Eson learning Second Life Ziyal Ochs

Description: The Academy of Second Learning Presents… Wishing Wells Instructor - Ziyal Ochs

You will learn how to build a wishing well with a payment function and sparkle script. The main skill we will practice in this class is texturing. We will learn how to use the Repeats Per Face and Offset function from the Texture Tab in the Building Window.

This class is INTERMEDIATE level.

PREREQUISITES: ^ASL^ Basic Building 101 and 102, ^ASL^ Camera Controls Students should be able to do the following comfortably: use the camera controls, rez prims; work with basic functions in the Object tab of the Build window; link, name, and save objects; and apply textures and colors to objects.

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