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Second Life News for October 15, 2007

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Linden Lab Locks up Players on Orientation Islands On April 17th, the first reports of a borked metaverse orientation appeared: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/MISC-124. Six months later, in spite of Torley Linden’s intermittent interventions, new players are still being trapped on Orientation Island - the most recent complaint is from October 5th. Is this by design, or because the Lab is too unfocused to actually fix bugs?

We will probably never know how many hopeful new citizens turned away in disgust after being frustrated by an orientation test that fails to credit players when they finish the how-to-move tutorial. As Androo Biedermann said, “It’s frustrating and has put me right off this ‘game’. I mean you cannot go anywhere else until you complete this stage.. and I’ve viewed the Island a gazillion times!! PLEASE fix this”

ConceptSL teams up with IGR for the fight against breast cancer In a sequel of last year’s operation “100 women for life” which gathered 126 famous women in favor of breast cancer fight, the cancerology Institute, Gustave Roussy, first European research center in cancer research, launched in October 2007 : “Pink For Life”. This operation was organized to raise awareness about breast cancer, during Pink October, international month for the fight against breast cancer.

An open source “Second Life” for Linden Lab Linden Lab, the creator of online virtual community Second Life, released its viewer earlier this year with a GPL 2.0 license, adding a clause called the “FLOSS exception,” which releases developers using certain open source licenses from the requirement that any derivative works be licensed under the GPL. Linden added the exception to make it possible for many more developers to create new applications from Second Life viewer code. “We had the sense that Second Life has the potential to be much bigger than Linden Lab alone,” says Rob Lanphier, Linden’s director of open source development. “We needed to figure out a way to let the world build this into a much bigger thing.”

Why I love Teaching The students are simply AWESOME, and that really helps me get out of bed. They are working on the Progressive Era Plot and have just been AMAZING! Eloise and I can hardly keep up! They designed an amusement park theme to tie together their three projects: sweat shops, rail history, and the rise of (local) Dorney Park.

The student showcase is THIS COMING Saturday, October 20, 2007 at 8:00 AM SLT http://slurl.com/secondlife/Finger%20Lakes%20Island/221/27/23

View Your Twitters in Second Life Post your twitters using SLTweet and watch them in any frame you like. They’ll be making it so you can set your twitter details in a simple notecard format, so anyone can show their twitter streams (with friends) in Second Life. The screen itself will be a simple prim design, so people can pop it any frame they like. at: Nooribeom (243, 176, 24).

Tax Man’s Eye Is On Second Life Grim reality has finally struck in Second Life - residents are now being warned that they could face tax bills for their transactions in the virtual world.

Costume Shopping in SL As you get ready for the upcoming Costume Party at DEN in SL on October 28th, I thought I’d post some costume shopping information. Mind you, this information comes from our very own LC Chair, Riptide Furse, who posted this info on the Google Groups page.

Second Life in perspective: A round-up of 50 virtual worlds If you relied solely on the mainstream media for your knowledge of online trends (more fool you), you’d be forgiven for thinking there was only one virtual world. Second Life has hoovered up huge swathes of column inches and airtime over the past 12 months (see earlier post on the Second Life media frenzy) with only the occasional nod to World of Warcraft or Habbo Hotel.

Next stage of Internet spawns variety of new jobs You may have heard of Second Life, the virtual online world that draws millions of aficionados every day. Now imagine a Second Life specifically for business, a world where workers can gather, share files, and communicate securely in a fully animated 3D office environment in cyberspace.

Himeji Castle While cruising around in Second Life tonight I happened upon one of the zillions of Japanese sims in Second Life that, for me at least, have remained undiscovered. To be fair, this one is actually newly arrived and still under construction.

Voice chat down on mainland [Resolved] Apparently ovice was down for awhile on the mainland, anyone care, anyone? Bueller?


Introduction to Second Life, 1:00pm 10/16, ECS 023 @umbc Join Gale Zasada (aka Gamay Nouvelle) at 1:00pm Tuesday, October 16, 2007 in ECS 023 for an introduction to Second Life, including a virtual tour of Info Island and the rest of the islands that make up the library and education archipelago.

Second Life Will Revolutionize Engineering Design Later this October, my first in-print article hits Design News Magazine. The culmination of several months of research, I report on the virtual world of Second Life (SL) and show how this new technology will impact engineering design. My conclusion: SL is disruptive technology that will revolutionize computer aided engineering design and facilitate new kinds of global design collaboration

Top 5 Highlights from the Virtual Worlds Expo I still haven’t gotten around to unpacking from last week’s Virtual Worlds Expo in San Jose, Calif., but I have had time to streamline the biggest takeaways from the conference into a personal top five list.

Second Life I recently embarked on an experiment with Helen in the UK to see how we could exploit Second Life to enhance our learning partnership and to really develop a sense of community between our two schools. I wondered if we could not work together on a collaborative construction project as devised by the students.

CIoT enters ‘Second Life’ online world The Chartered Institute of Taxation will send ‘Tax Anderton’ into the online virtual world Second Life this morning.

Microsoft planning Second Life/Home-style virtual world? Microsoft’s Daniel Schiappa, who operates under the astounding job title of general manager of strategy for Microsoft’s entertainment and devices division, dropped numerous hints that MS could be entering the virtual world scene - and it could appear on PC, Xbox 360 and Windows Mobile gadgets.

Second Life Going Mainstream with CSI: New York When Anthony E. Zuiker Creator, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, (in picture above with Philip Rosedale, CEO Linden Lab), CSI: Miami, CSI: NY delivered his keynote at Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo in San Jose last week, I felt I was listening to the world class player who would be the first big winner of the virtual world’s e-jackpot.

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