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CSI: NY - Down the Rabbit Hole

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By Stone Culdesac

I don’t believe I had seen the name of the CSI: NY episode that will feature the star going inworld in Second Life to try to track down a killer, the episode name is Down the Rabbit Hole. I also did not know that game one of the World Series is going to air that night as well, wonder how that will affect viewers? Think many baseball fans and Second Life Users cross over? I’m sure they do and I bet most will Tivo or record it on their DVR. Notice I didn’t say which they would record.

I also wanted to comment on Prokofy’s posts and comment about the Electric Sheep Company and how they are handing search in the OnRez browser. The Prok seems to think they have hidden it where it is hard to find and that they are getting an unfair advantage, she says things like classifieds will be hard to find, if you can find them at all, that the search will only search the OnRez site and whatever they have scrapped from Second Life. Now, I admire how she stands up for the community, how she tries to protect her own interests, but I’m not going to get worked up over it until I see the browser for myself. No use on going on someone else’s word just to find out they were wrong or mistaken. Take a chill pill Prok and wait until you get a copy of the OnRez browser for yourself to try.

Giff Constable has posted on the ESC blog about some of the issues the Prok has raised, and goes on to mention that the SL search will be the only search in the OnRez browser initially, but they are working on their own search saying that Second Life’s search is flawed, which it is, and that they are trying to improve it. As long as the improvements don’t just mean adding the stuff they have for sale or their own sims, I look forward to trying it out for myself.

There have been a lot of questions about Search in the new Viewer. Here is the scoop. There are two input boxes at the top of the OnRez Viewer. In one you can enter a location name (complete or partial) OR a url and it will teleport you or open a website inside the viewer. The other search input box queries Linden Lab’s standard mix of services [All, Classifieds, Events, Popular P laces, Land Sales, Places, People, and Groups] and pops up the tabbed window you are all used to seeing. As of next week’s launch, that is the only search feature in the Viewer but we are actively working on improving Second Life’s search since it is, to put it rather mildly, flawed. To be explicit, we eagerly await Linden Lab’s improvements and as most people know, we are experimenting with solutions of our own and we will roll them out when they are ready (and ready encompasses many things like data coverage, data accuracy, scalability, accessibility of privacy options, etc). Source: Viewer Clarifications; Big Picture

On the TV.com site they have a CSI:NY section, with many forum members and posts, if you are a CSI: NY fan you should check it out, they have a pole in which only 31 readers have voted about whether they are going to tune in or not, you have to register or there would be more votes I’m sure, but 30 out of 31 have voted “Tune in! Hopefully it will live up to all the hype.” I know that doesn’t mean much, but it doesn’t sound like any of the CSI: NY regulars are disappointed about the episode, yet.

There is also a five or six page discussion of the show on the Second Life forums, SL CSI Promo…will the grid survive Oct 24th?, most don’t seem concerned about the search yet, as they are taking the wait and see approach. I figured the Prok would’ve posted about it, but she’s probably banned from there or something, guessing.

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  1. prokofy October 19th, 2007 4:34 am

    First of all, could you remind me again how you went from having supposedly a community bulletin board of all the RSS feeds, a blog of blogs like World of SL, to becoming someone who put up unsigned editorials? It does beg the question of why you should get to take everyone’s content, pipe it to your blog, then put up editorials — could we um, get an avatar name under these essays?

    Second of all, I don’t need any “chill pills” and I don’t see why we have to accept the unseemly hype from a company bent on aggressively fighting for marketshare, mindshare, share share, whatever they can scrape out of this. This supine, uncritical attitude toward tech companies in and around SL is completely like the critical attitude the very same tekkies will show to a corporation like Wal-Mart. You don’t say, hey, let’s wait and see if that’s true about Wal-Mart, eh? That could just be a journalist with “vitriol,” let’s give it some time! Of course you wouldn’t adapt that attitude.

    Just because someone has decided to make their viewer clandestine — a viewer based on OPEN SOURCE SCRIPT HELLO? WHAT ABOUT INFORMATION WANTS TO BE FREE, EH??? — doesn’t mean that we all have to roll over and put up our paws in the air like scared rabbits. We can and should take a very keen eye to things MADE WITH AN OPEN SOURCE SCRIPT AND LICENSED ADDITIONALLY WITH SPECIAL HELP BY LINDEN LAB.

    Now, let’s debunk your misrepresentation of my position:

    1. “they have hidden it where it is hard to find and that they are getting an unfair advantage”

    They are. They have a secret, untested, unseen, licensed viewer made on that OS script, and from what we see of the screenshots, and from early reports of views of it, it appears that the search is a big box that has no tabs visible, and that while technically “accessible,” classifieds will take some doing to pull up. They will not be in the field of vision that normally happens when you press SEARCH in the regular viewer.

    2. “she says things like classifieds will be hard to find, if you can find them at all”

    That is how it appears, given how the search is arranged with one box. Go and look at the screenshots. And hear what Giff is saying: he is not denying this.

    3. “that the search will only search the OnRez site and whatever they have scrapped from Second Life.

    Bullshit. I never said that. I said THEIR OWN SHOPPING BUTTON will do that. And since the SEARCH interface is a keyhole into a giant grab bag evidently (again, from what we can see) then getting a lot of useless generic returns (due to lack of visible tabs and unfamiliarity with the normal layout), the user is driven to go press SHOPPING. SHOPPING, quite naturally has only ONREZ products –and that is NOT repeat NOT NOT repeat NOT what I am objecting to, although of course it’s rather telling that this is visible in the standard right-looker’s view field, the search is a grab-bag, and the rest of the interface appears buried.

    4. WHEN the Sheeps OWN search is developed — and they may not roll it out yet — YES INDEED it will consist of steered, guided, optimal-search type of stuff. We’ll see everything from “Jennyfur Peregrine” unnaturally appearing when she normally wouldn’t be clicked on and rising to the top, and we’ll see only those areas scraped and prioritized by the Sheep. You will have to ensure that you are in the Sheep search engine by allowing yourself to be scraped — and that means all your search information.

    5. My banning from the Second Life forums in June 2005 — a long time ago! — was unjustified and biased, and had precisely to do with my criticism of Linden-feted corporations just like the Sheep. If you read the posts prior to my banning, and you are a reasonable and intelligent person, you’ll be quite concerned at the permabanning of someone criticizing the pocket corporations and mascots of Second Life chosen by the Lindens.

    6. Giff has censored my comments and my quite normal and reasonable rebuttals to his false contentions — but you can go see these on my blog at http://secondthoughts.typepad.com

    This type of corporate censorship to avoid normal and ordinary criticism of a corporation is HUGELY worrisome as a feature of the origins of the Metaverse. Your confidence that there is something wrong about my posts is scary. And one thing you have to realize about even TOS-controlled free speech is that people have a right to ask questions, to make criticisms, and even to publish what they believe to be true, even if false. The right to make a false hypothesis in the quest for the truth is vital to any democratic society, as Karl Popper and other thinkers have long explained.

    7. The LL SEARCH is only flawed for a) people who wish to make competitive browsers; b) people who don’t participate in the world economy and aren’t immersed in SL and take a meta view of it; c) sandboxing geeks who are cynical about the world d) people who refuse to look at the facts about how the thriving world’s sales are a direct function of the existing so-called “flawed” search plus traffic plus places. That should not be broken.

    8. Most people will be worried about not being able to log in that night and following nights — and that is likely to be a bigger killer, short-term, than the search issue.

    Once again, until you sign your editorials here, you are not really a worthy interlocutor.

    And no one has to roll over and play dead and not express concerns about a product made with OPEN SOURCE SCRIPTS that will AFFECT THE COMMUNITY and BRING PROFIT TO ITS MAKER. There is absolutely no need to wait until it is formally released and does its damage; advance criticism is absolutely vital.

    Indeed, the Sheep simply have no compelling reason whatsoever why a viewer, made with an OPEN SOURCE SCRIPT has to be kept hidden.

  2. stoneculdesac October 19th, 2007 6:56 am

    Not sure what you are talking about on the bulletin board, are you referring to this blog? In my daily news posts I usually grab the first paragraph or two and link to that site, so I would hardly compare it to World of SL. Not trying to pick a fight Prok, we just have different ways of approaching things I guess. I will form my opinion when I get a copy of it to try out for myself.

    And you won’t have to worry about censorship around here, say whatever you want, as long as it’s not illegal or offensive I will post it. I am working on moving this blog from the wordpress.com platform to my own server so I can edit the site layout, this theme doesn’t post the author id, as it is now, I can just add widgets and and edit the css and that sucks. I went ahead and added my name to the most recent posts and actually finished the about page, as you were certainly right there, one of those things you don’t think about until somebody points it out.

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