Oct 18

Debate: Is it appropriate to be a child avatar on SL?

Category: Child Protection, Debate, Legal, Virtual Sex by Stone Culdesac

By Stone Culdesac

There is going to be a debate at 8:00pm SL time and the topic is Is it appropriate to be a child avatar on SL? I don’t think it’s appropriate at all to play a child avatar in Second Life, even in role playing situations; this is just one of those taboo things I think Linden Labs should just outright outlaw. I have seen some freaky stuff in Second Life, some things you just want to take your brain out and scrub it down real good, so I know there are probably some situations where child avatars are being used in ways that are illegal in real life, so, if there is a chance that someone could see something bad going on with a kid, why even take the chance that it could happen?

I think I have read more bad stuff about people being worried about animal avatars than I have child avatars, and there has been talk about banning bestiality in Second Life because it is illegal in many states, while others think it’s okay since there is no real animal involved. Check out these images of stuff that has been going on in Second Life with animal avatars and human avatars, Animal Love in Second Life Warning: NSFW! But, I guess it all comes down to what you believe, and I don’t believe I want to even have the chance of seeing some adult avatar doing anything to a child avatar. Nuff said.

I will probably check this out, at least there will be someone thrown to the pit at the end. ;)

What: Debate (Moderated) - Is it appropriate to be a child avatar on SL?

When: Oct 18, 2007 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm (Thursday)

Where: sLiterary Second Life

Tags: Education Elealora Writer learning Second Life sLiterary

Description: Moderated by Sodovan Torok, the new host for our weekly Thursday AVATAR vs. AVATAR debates, our moderated debate series put two strong debaters head to head in battle over words and words only until the end. AVATAR will meet AVATAR on debate night, and… we’d start off from there.

TOPIC: Is it appropriate to be a child avatar on Second Life?

The LOSER will be kicked off the floor, to freefall onto the ground roughly 30m below at sole discretion and mercy of the WINNER after audience and moderator announces verdict. Or, the audience might decide to put both AVATARS on the pit and slow-roast ‘em alive.

Complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres served.

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