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Second Life News for October 18, 2007

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By Stone Culdesac

Don’t’ Agitate the Dots! Metrics + Architecture in Second Life When reviewing Slogbase metrics and use-patterns of our Second Life projects, I’m often reminded of the hilarious Sprint Nextel Commercial “Who’s Agitating My Dots?” I find it especially true in this case, because not only do I want to avoid agitating the dots, but I want the dots to stick around, and have a good experience while visiting our projects. It is not unlike the way Randy Pagulayan at Microsoft optimized game play in Halo 3 by using heat maps to understand player movement through each level (Wired).

Giving your Facebook profile a Second Life If you are like me, you probably have some of your Second Life friends among your Facebook friends. And until recently, we had no good way of connecting the two worlds. But now we can; and there isn’t just one, but two Facebook applications that can help you with that.

“Second Life: K-20 Educators Exploring Virtual Worlds - Panel” In a modest two-story home in one corner of the metaverse, a group of K-20 educators, bloggers and futurists has gathered to build a community devoted to exploring the educational implications of the multi-user virtual environment (M.U.V.E.) known as Second Life. This panel presentation will focus on the educational uses of Second Life and its implications for K-20 education. Utilizing Voicethread.com, this presentation will include voice- and text-annotated comments by the presenters as well as visitors, extending the conversation in ways other presentations simply cannot!

Second Life: K-20 Educators Exploring Virtual Worlds - Panel Second Life: K-20 Educators Exploring Virtual Worlds was a last minute brainstorm between me and Kevin Jarrett as the time limit for submitting sessions got close. We used Google docs to hammer out a session description, and sent it in with minutes to spare. The idea was that by using VoiceThread (an online slideshow that you can add multiple voices to) we could create a group experience that would both show the educational side of Second Life, and then have a platform where everyone could continue the conversation.

Evian Water Debuts in Second Life Evian Natural Spring Water’s marketing slogan is “The most important body of water is your own.” They are helping people improve their bodies – in the virtual world Second Life. Avatars just need to head to Evian vending machines and they can get a new skin.

Rolling Restart - Thursday, Oct. 18th We are planning on a rolling restart to update some server code on Thursday, October 18th. The upgrade has no functionality changes, and has two minor fixes (viewer metrics gathering, and behavior of “standby” simulators) that will help us improve the Second Life service.

If SL Disappeared Tomorrow, Where Would You Go? Pronouncements of SL’s imminent demise have been prevalent ever since SL opened its virtual doors, and I’m not here to address them. They will always be there. However, having considered it, I had to ask myself: If SL imploded tomorrow, wherever would I go, Rhett? Whatever would I do?

Joel Greenberg Educates the Young Critics However, when someone said that SL’s empty all the time, and for that reason alone it’s not worth pursuing, Joel said something that resonates with me.

“Go to GooglePlex at 9am on a Wednesday, you’ll say the same thing. Does that make municipal stadiums failures because 80% of the time they’re empty? You need to go to events.”

Questions at Stanford…and Answers Sitting on Caltrain one afternoon last week on my way from San Jose to Palo Alto, watching the peninsula roll by, I was thinking about my upcoming seminar at the MediaX program at Stanford. It was a typical gorgeous Northern California day with the sun out, temperature comfortable, and people generally happy. I wasn’t sure what to expect, only having been to Stanford once before a decade ago just to look around.


[RESOLVED] - LindeX Issues More LindeX issues. We are looking into reports from residents who have experienced difficulties trying to use the LindeX to buy and sell L$. It is still safe to make resident to resident L$ payments from within Second Life, but for the time being please avoid placing any buy or sell orders from our website or within Second Life. This has been resolved.

Uribe virtually changes his life Earlier this year, bluesman Tony Uribe made the musical leap from the bars of Tucson to the virtual clubs of Second Life.

On hiatus from his regular gigs around town, Uribe turned to the Internet where he streamed live performances from his home through Second Life, a virtual community with more than 10 million registered users.

“Second Life as Archive and Social Space”. A basic introducton to Second Life but along the theme of archive and social space (equated with libraries).

Facebook Application Links Second Life Yesterday, Osuntomi Melendez sent me an invitation on Facebook to use the Second Life Link Application (login may be required). It is an interesting tool which connects Facebook and Second Life. Real people would want to be sure that they don’t mind losing their anonymity, of course, but for social networking it can be a useful tool. Further, you can invite your friends to use Second Life from within Facebook.

A real yardstick for virtual worlds? Let’s say you’re thinking about doing business in a virtual world. Before you dive in, you want numbers: how many users, how much money, just how much is this thing worth?

There’s currently nowhere to turn to get such reliable data–and Robert Bloomfield, an accounting professor at Cornell University, views that as a problem worth solving.

Movable Life’s Terms of Service Claim Ownership of Intellectual Property Created Using Viewer Movable Life is a relatively new web-based Second Life viewer run by a Japanese company called 3Di. It lets users log in to Second Life over a simple web site and perform a few basic functions, primarily chat. It is currently in alpha, but it already shows some real promise. Unfortunately, Movable Life’s Terms of Service usurp Second Life’s well-known preservation of certain user intellectual property rights, and claim all intellectual property created via Movable Life as property of 3Di.

Second Life in Seoul Linden Lab, the developer of virtual world Second Life, has signed a deal making the Korean online game company T-entertainment provide its services in Korea.

This month, the virtual world developer plans to launch new Second Life services tailored for Korean netizens. The firm offers a Web-based virtual environment made up largely of 3D graphics where netizens’ avatars lead their second lives, trading virtual land, shop, ping and go about their routines.

“Rolling Restart [IN PROGRESS]” We are planning on a rolling restart to update some server code on Thursday, October 18th. The upgrade has no functionality changes, and has two minor fixes (viewer metrics gathering, and behavior of “standby” simulators) that will help us improve the Second Life service.

This will once again be a traditional rolling upgrade, starting at the northwest corner of the world and moving from north to south in a big wave. Residents will get a 5 minute warning and can teleport to another region.

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